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I9 sector

Valley is a Sim Cluster and is one visible structure close to the large continents. It has the temporary name A040 given by Second Life Geography group. Coordinates are 931-939/908-920, that places it into Grid Sector I9, inside Little Pacific Ocean. More exactly, Valley is placed 100 sims West to Jeogeot.


Valley is a compact sim cluster, a special type that is rare. Many sims are placed in mathematical disposition, so they are in contact at their corners. A few sims are connected. There are many infohubs throughout the sim clusters.


The general landscape includes Water, but doesn't look like a tropical beach paradise. In fact, there are a lot of forests. Land is not flat. There are a lot of slopes, hills or mountains all around and also ocean floor is not smooth.

Skyboxes exist.

Land Status

The sim cluster is opened to public. It looks like a single estate owns the land.

Maturity ratings vary and includes both moderate and adult.

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