Little Cat Microcontinent

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Little Cat

Little Cat is a Microcontinent that has also the temporary name A056. It has Coordinates 1195-1198/1393-1399, that places it inside Grid Sector J13, Northern Ocean. Its position is far from the large continents, near the beginning of Far North Ocean, with very low sim density.


All sims share the common world Little Cat. There are 8 sims forming the microcontinent (an another one at some distance, with the same name). As seen on the map, it looks a bit like an animal.


The isolated sim is interesting because land is at 20 cm below Water, so you wet your feet while walking through it.

Land is usually flat (but not always). Mountains are present in South, where they have the shapes of animals. There are a lot of roads that allow access through the area, but not only roads. Water is also present. What is notable here is the presence of electric lines, visible through many sims. Buildings are present and usually are in Japanese style.

Land Status

There is a single estate.

Our team found no Land With Restricted Access. There is Unused Land, for rent or for sale. Protected Land also exists.

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