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G12 sector

A123 is the temporary name given to a Microcontinent. The name means that this is the 123th structure found on the map. Correct name is Junkyard Blues, since the estate owner has this name and the central sim also has this name.


The microcontinent is placed in Grid Sector G12, inside the Northern Ocean, at Coordinates 749-751/1213-1216.


This microcontinent is a water paradise, but not a beach paradise. Water covers the largest part of ground, but it is not oceanic water. A123 is more a swamp then a sea.

entire microcontinent is made of a number of islands and many water channels. Altitude is low and shores are never high. Vegeitation is the most important part in here. There are many water-loving trees and water is full with swamp vegetation. Animals are also present. In sims like Egret there are many flying birds. Tropical beaches are present in sims like Tern, where palm trees are also present.

Buildings are also present, usually wooden buildings. Infrastructure is low developed, reduced only to a few wooden docks. In the central sim, Junkyard Blues, visitors get first into a skybox.

Land status

Estate owner is Junkyard Blues. There are no ban lines, entity orb teleporters or other restrictions. Largest part of the land is made for relaxation and to comunicate with nature.

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