A063 Sim Cluster

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I12 sector

A063 is a large Sim Cluster. Its Coordinates are 858-983/1222-1312, so it is found both in Grid Sector H12 and I12, Northern Ocean.


It is a sim cluster with mathematic disposition. Sims are placed to form squares and between each two existing sims there are two void sims. Its size is impressive. It hosts more then 700 sims, a value that is comparable with a large Continent. Sim density is close to 11%. The total amount of space covered by this enourmes sim cluster is as large as an entire grid sector.

There are a few small microcontinents inside this sim cluster.


It is impossible to survey by random teleporting even 30% of all sims found here. As expected, the variety of land found here is too big. It is impossible to make statistics about land types. Second Life Geography team made a few random teleports in the area and discovered anything, from tropical beaches, residential land, wilderness sims and large shops, to gay places and buildings that cluld not be defined.

Land Status

Land is owned by multiple estates, but one of them seem to have near 50% of land. Probably there is a land corporation that works through multiple estates. Such a gigantic sim cluster cannot be created by random.

It is a place that deserves to be visited. By random teleporting, there are so many surprises that a traveler might find. Just note that Land With Restricted Access is present and covers about 40% of all land.

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