Tabor - Scimitar Microcontinent

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Tabor - Scimitar

Tabor - Scimitar is a structure on map with temporary name A127, located at Coordinates 784-789/1348-1352, Grid Sector G13, Northern Ocean, close to IGBC Continent.


Actually, there are two microcontinents, linked through a sim (Hulneth Bay). Since the link is done on their corners, it is impossible for an avatar to walk from one microcontinent to the other one.

  • Tabor Microcontinent is in South-West
  • Scimitar Microcontinent is in North-East.


  • Tabor is a Gorean place, with lush forests that cover the hills. Majority of sims have water access and the welcome zone is near a boat.
  • Scimitar is a desert with oasis. Buildings are made of stone and share something from the Arabic style.

Land Status

Both microcontinents are under strict rules. Access is allowed on a large surface, but only with themed clothes. Not only that, but they are also combat areas.

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