North Megacluster

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J12 sector

The North Megacluster is a very large Sim Cluster. Its Coordinates are 965-1047/1199-1272. It does not fit into a single Sim Group, instead it can be seen in sim groups I11, I12, J11 and J12. Also, it is the only structure that cannot fit into a single ocean, its sims are both in Little Northern Ocean and Northern Ocean. Not only that is very large, but it is close the most known continents. Heterocera is 100 sim to South.


Sims are placed in some areas in mathematical distiobution, to form squares, but not in all areas. There is a gap in the center of the sim cluster. It is made of 250 sims, more then any private-owned Continent. Its surface is comparable to Heterocera and Sansara together.


This is more a residential sim cluster. Here, land has diverse featuers. The classic tropical beach paradise is rare, more often a traveler will find green grass. Many sims are flat, the most common features are the result of parcel fragmentation: mountains or water channels.

Land Status

Land is owned by multiple estates, but majority of them belong to a single land corporation. Unlike other residential sim clusters, Land With Restricted Access is more rare. There are even parcels where rezzing objects is allowed.

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