Voltai - Ukunga Microcontinent

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Voltai - Ukunga

This is a Microcontinent that can be found at coordinates 800-802/1352-1354, in Grid Sector H13, Northern Ocean. The name is unofficial and comes from the names of 4 sims. Another name is A155, that means it was the 155th structure detected by Second Life Geography team.


It is fromed of 7 sims and has a compact shape.


This place is amazing!

Here, a Geograph has so many things to explore, that you will probably need many hours to make a complete visit. There are rivers, majority of them are made with conventional Water, but many rivers and lakes are made with special types of water (sculpted prims with changing textures). There are also swamps, covered sometimes with vegetation, but beware that these swamps are not always you might think. Sometimes, they are very deep. Mountains and hills are present and are worked at a very high fragmentation level. On every mountain or hill you will find that there are many low places to hide and many high places to spy.

Vegetation is also present. The largest surface is covered with rain forests, large trees and high grass. Swamp vegetation is also present. Another feature is that on high altitudes vegetation is absent.

Sky is natural (blue with white clouds) but there are scripted clouds and particle clouds. Voltai - Ukunga is the only place where you can see raining on a large scale. Lightning is also visible.

Landscapes are literally amazing. All 7 sims are Wild African themed.

Land Status

All land is owned by a single estate and there is no Unused Land or land for sale. No access restrictions detected. Flying is not allowed.

This is an African roleplay.

A good information is at the landing point in Voltai Valley: Perhaps you think the Creator sent you here to dispose uf us as you see fit.~ The one who has a right to dispose of it is the one who has created it. I claim a right to live on my land And accord youvthe privilege to return to yours >>>---------->.

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