Business District Microcontinent

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Business District

Business District or A062 is a Microcontinent located at Coordinates 931-934/1239-1242, Grid Sector I12, Northern Ocean. The names are not official. A062 means this was the 62th structure found on map by Second Life Geography team and Business District comes from the fact that majority of sims share these words in their names.


It is made of 13 sims and has a compact form.


All land is flat, a perfect plain. Roads allow easy access throughout the land. Buildings are shops, studios and also private homes. Each building covers all available land, so the only parcels of Unused Land are in fact land for sale. There is a sandbox too.

Land Status

This land is owned by a an estate that holds land also in other parts. There is enough land for sale. If you want to impress like a rich businessman of this virtual world, get a home here.

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