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J12 sector

A175 is the temporary name of a Sim Cluster. First, this sim cluster was identified as North Megacluster or A057. The error was corrected and distinct coordinates are now available for both sim clusters. A175 has the following Coordinates: 964-1039/1396-1430, so it doesn.t fit into a single Grid Sector. A175 fits into sectors I13, I14, J13 and J14. Also this means that A175 doesn't fit into an ocean, its sims are divided into Northern Ocean and Far North Ocean. It is close to the new Mar Lesbiana continent.


This gigantic sim cluster has a strange form. It can be divided into tens of smaller sim clusters, majority of them with mathematic disposition. Some of them are placed to form squares, some are in diagonals, some are in contact at all their corner with nearby sims. There are also small gaps and microcontinents inside it.

To make an idea about its size, this sim cluster is as big as all Nautilus + Satori + Corsica + Blake Sea + Gaeta 5. That is an enourmas structure. Its sim density is very high. It has 1500 sims, that is more then any existing Continent. Sim density is 20%, that is 8 times higher then Unassociated Sims and also higher then the majority of sim clusters.

All this data proves that A175 is the bigest sim cluster, but not the largest structure on map. There are sim clusters larger then a sim group.


At 1500 sims, it really is impossible to visit all sims.

In Elbe, colors are twisted, ground is white and gold. By random teleporting, our survey detected a high diversity, almost similar to that found in Unassociated Sims. There are places that look like Louisiana, mountain wilderness, snowlands, skyboxes with paralel worlds, even a large chess game. These are the results of a few random teleports. More then a thousand surprises await you there.

Land Status

There are many estates in the area, but it looks like one land corporation ownes the largest part of this gigantic cluster through multiple estates.

Unlike other sim clusters, Land With Restricted Access is present here, but in different forms. About 40% of these sims have access restricted to public, while in only one sim in 10, our survey detected ban lines. No entity orb was detected. This is a more polite way of land protection.

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