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Snake is a Microcontinent also known with temporary name A058. Its position is at Coordinates 993-1001/1339-1346, in Grid Sector I13, Northern Ocean. Name is unofficial and comes from the fact that many sims have snake-related names.


Snake is a large microcontinent, with 19 sims. It is not compact, but not stratched over a too large area.


Largest part of this microcontinent is flat, with rare hills and mountains (even so, there is a high peac, very sharp and accesible only by flying, with maximum Altitude of 75 meters). Water is present and forms rivers, lakes and swamps. There is fog above swamps.

Most impressive here is the road network, one of the most advanced and complex on the grid. There is a suspended speedway in Hognose sim (most interesting is that it is paved road, not asphalt). Other roads are visible throughout the entire microcontinent, with complex shapes and different road textures (includes also off-road sections). There are tunnels (and inside a tunnel it's darker). Other tunnels expand into the water. From inside, you can see that the walls are made of glass and aquatic ecosystems are visible. From outside, the tunnels look like opaque concrete.

Land Status

Land With Restricted Access might exist, but since the Protected Land (road system) covers the whole microcontinent, it is easy to visit the whole place.

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