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NW Ocean
Oceans, oct 2013, click for large

In previous listing, Northern Ocean and Far North Ocean were too large and uncomplete separated. Many places were found inside both oceans or in none of them. So, the ocean map needed to be corrected. Also, Far North Ocean was too large, about 10 tmes the size of other oceans. To solve this problem, North - West Ocean was created.

Borders And Coordinates

Coordinates are given in sims, in the next format: longitude (min-max)/ latitude (min-max), like at Gridsurvey[1].

Coordinates are: 400-680/1200-1400.

Borders are set after the following considerations: The only large and visible map structure in the area is Eden Continent. So, by drawing two lines through Eden, you can separate North - West Ocean in NW, Far West Ocean in SW, Western Ocean in SE and Northern Ocean in NE.

  • To North, this ocean ends at the line that separates grid sectors F13 and F14. The reason is that North to this limit, sim density drops dramatically and low-density Far North Ocean starts.
  • To South, a line through Eden separates this ocean from Far West Ocean. This is also the line that separates grid sectors F11 and F12.
  • To West, North West Ocean ends where there is no sim. That is at the end of D13 sector. Sim density is almost constant until the West end, where starts the Void Ocean.
  • To East, a line through center of Eden is the limit. This limit is close to the separation line between grid sectors F12 and G12.

Grid Sector: D12, D13, E12, E13, F12, F13.


Surface: 5.6 grid sectors

Surface without void gaps: 4.9

Sims: 2500

Sim Density: 4.5%

Unassoicated Sims: 50%


North - West Ocean is placed inside 6 grid sectors. However, D12 and D13 also contain void, while F12 and F13 are partially shared with Northern Ocean. So, with an average sim density, North - West Ocean coveres 5 sectors.


Almost all sector is composed of Unassociated Sims, so only two structures could be identified


Sim density is high, but more then half of the islands are unassociated sims. There are 9 sim clusters and 10 microcontinents, while 6 sim clusters expand from one grid sector to another.

Wild West Continent is within this ocean. Previously, it was chosen as a separation line between oceans, but it is too small to be seen easy on the map at lowest resolution. Later, Wild West moved away from that place.

A026 (Ocean) is a good destination if you want sailing. Also, A071 offers a great beach paradise.

A029 (Seductive) is an interesting destination. It also changed its position and become a Continent.


There is a gap inside grid sectors D12 and D13. Wild West continent also allows a Geograph to draw a separation line.

  1. West Basin includes all sims West to the void gap. They are all organised into large mathematic sim clusters. It coveres part of grid sectors D12 and D13.
  2. Central Basin is around Wild West continent. Here, there are some large microcontinents that at some point can grow larger then the continent itself. It coveres part of grid sectors D12 and E12.
  3. East Basin includes mainly unassociated sims. Can be found in grid sectors D13, E13, F12 and F13.


There is a wide diversity of places. The sim clusters with mathematical disposition are not themed. Islands share different themes. Some of them are not opened for public access, but the vast majority are. Themed microcontinents have something in common. Unassociated sims offer also a lot of places, themes and interests. You can find a lot of inworld shops and residential places.

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