A027 Sim Cluster

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D12 sector

A027 is the transitory name of a Sim Cluster located in Grid Sector D12, North - West Ocean. Its Coordinates are: 475-497/1250-1265.


It is formed of 19 to 22 sims (depending where you draw the border). It is a diffuse sim sluster (sims are placed at some distance one to another) and have a tendince for a Mathematical disposition (to form squares on map). It is one of the smallest sim clusters in the area. Very interesting is the fact that it surrounds A026 - Ocean Microcontinent.


These islands are tropical beach paradise islands. They are composed of a central island (or more islands), with sand texture for ground, with palm trees, a few residential buildings, sculpted cliffs near the shore and a lot of Water. Altitude is low, a few meters above sea level.

The sims inside the sim cluster are very similar to those on the surrounded microcontinent.

Skyboxes exist.

Land Status

These sims are owned by a single estate.

There is Land With Restricted Access, but evacuation time is generous.

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