Willowdale Microcontinent

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Willowdale. For unknown reason, map is not working at higher resolution

Willowdale is a Microcontinent that has the transitory name A096, Coordinates 510-512/1228-1232 and can be found in Grid Sector E12, North - West Ocean. It is made of a few sims, sharing the name Willowdale.


This microcontinent is made of 9 sims. They are composed of many buildings and roads, water is also present. This is a family roleplay with severe rules.

Notecard Info

Places to go in Old Willowdale family sims: Willowdale has changed a bit, so to help you get reacquainted with us I made you a map. Enjoy. Remember Willowdale accepts all avatars of a family nature.

Hope Harbor School - Old Willowdale: We have a tuition of 300 a month (free for residents), we have dedicated teachers.

Willowdale point and camping spot: It worth a hike around to see what ya find.

New Willowdale - Mermaid Bay There's a reason we call it this... it empties out to the sea and pizza boys have been known to mysteriously loose their deliveries near these waters.

Lake Willowdale scuba, water sky, boating hot air balloon, we offer much.

Willowdale - Arcade we have prize games and free games. have fun.

Willowdale - Theater have quick time enabled to enjoy our long list of movies. *not all are completely pg but most are. enjoy

Willowdale - Library Lots of books on both nc and prim books.

Willowdale Farms - St.Judes Willowdale's favorite nun has a monastery for your spiritual needs.

Willowdale Hope Harbor - Childrens' Home an adoption agency and and children's home. rooms from to orphan children only. often has presents during the holidays.

Willowdale Bowling, Family Bowling great places for parties best of all its free to get in. stop by and have fun.

Willowdale Willows - Cove Entrance our sister sim. great place to visit

Willowdale Medical Center for your family's RP medical and dental needs

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