A113 Sim Cluster

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F13 sector

A113 is the temporary name of a Sim Cluster located in Grid Sector F12 and F13, inside North - West Ocean. Its Coordinates are 662-684/1298-1315. It is 100 sims North from Eden continent.


it has more then 50 sims. It is a sim cluster with mathematical disposition (squares), with a void sim between each two sims. The structure is not complete (it has holes). To North, it is a lot more diffuse.


Many sims are tropical beach - themed, with water, low altitude, sand and tropical vegetation. There are also other types of land, most common is grass texture. Many sims are different, with land covered with prims and buildings. In Fuzion sim, ground texture is latex. Altitude is usually low.

Land Status

There are multiple estate owners, but one estate has more sims. Land With Restricted Access was detected.

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