A097 Sim Cluster

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E12 sector

A097 is the temporary name given by the Second Life Geography team to this Sim Cluster. It is placed in Grid Sector E12, at Coordinates 521-547/1206-1226, in North - West Ocean.


A097 is formed of two different structures. The left part is more diffuse (but the sims have a tendincy to group), while in the right part sims are placed in mathematical distribution, forming squares. It is composed of about 60 sims.


It looks like all is owned by al single estate owner, through multiple estates. Land With Restricted Access exists. There are sims that don't allow visitors to enter and also ban lines on specific parcels. Rools and permisions vary from a sim to another.


The sims composing the sim cluster are very different. From sci-fi designs to places that cannot be included into a category, the sim cluster is also full of stores. Ground texture and Altitude varies. Skyboxes exist in some places.

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