A081 Sim Cluster

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D13 sector
D12 sector

A081 is the transitory name of a Sim Cluster. Its coordinates are 409-462/1266-1394. It is located both in Grid Sector D12 and D13, North - West Ocean.


It is separated by a visible void gap of any other nearby structures. There are no Unassociated Sims. The sim cluster has a mathematic disposition (forms squares) and is very diffuse, has 4 or 5 void sims between every two sims. That means that there is one sim at every 20 empty places (sim density 2%). This is lower then the values found usually for places with Unassociated Sims.

It looks like a few sims are closed.

It is a very large sim cluster, its size is comparable to the entire Satori - Blake Sea - Nautilus - Corsica - Gaeta 5 continental system, but it has les then 5% the number of sims. A081 has only 150 sims.


Unlike majority of the sim clusters, tropical beach paradise is not so often found here. The main difference is that Water is more rare then in other places. Altitude is low, so it is easy to dig and find water by terraforming. Flat sims are more often here, but there are also unusual sims, like places with a central plain surrounded by mountains.

Land Status

There are multiple estate owners in here. Also, Land With Restricted Access exists. Therre is land for sale, entire sims even.

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