A074 Sim Cluster

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D13 sector

A074 is the transitory name of a Sim Cluster that was identified at Coordinates 436-498/1367-1410, inside Grid Sector D13 and D14, North - West Ocean.


This sim cluster is one of the first. Its structure did not change significantly in the last two years.


Sim density is much higher then in any nearby map structure. Another major difference to the other large Western sim clusters is that sims are not placed in mathematical disposition. They placed more chaotic. Its size is not so impressive, compared to structures like A081 Sim Cluster but A074 is the champion of density, with 350-400 sims (higher then its neighbor structures).


This sim cluster offers one of the highest diversity of Geographic features. Just try random teleporting, you will find everything, from combat sims to quiet residential land, from dark forests to hot beaches. Our team had the feeling that land never ends here.

Land Status

There are multiple estates, but linked together into a giant corporation. Land is easy to be purchased here.

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