A129 Sim Cluster

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G13 sector

A129 is the transitory name of a Sim Cluster that was identified at Coordinates 751-759/1352-1361, inside Grid Sector G13, Northern Ocean. It is North-West of IGBC Continent. It is made of 19 sims, placed in mathematical order (squares).

Even if it is not a big sim cluster, it deserves a visit. There are many Geographical features that deserve attention. For example, there are mountains (55 meters in Bali Island). They are not as unaccessible and sharp like in other private-owned sims and have a healthy light-green texture. Paragoa sim has a huge building (visible from space) that is in fact a shop. In other places you might find wooden residential homes near a large river, that will make you feel like in Louisiana.

The sims are owned by a single estate. We detected no Land With Restricted Access on our survey and (very strange) no land for sale.

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