How to make money

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Since Second Life is not a "game" but a virtual world platform, there is no "farming" or "experience levels" to get you along with "skills" to find jobs or such.

The skills you get are your real ones! So, if you're a 3D modeler, you'll probably enjoy becoming a builder, and selling houses and furniture for a profit. If you're a graphical designer, you'll highly likely be doing clothes or skins or textures soon. If you're a programmer, you'll be glad to know that all objects here, to interact with us (the Residents of Second Life), need to be programmed, and your skills will be well employed. What about social skills? You'll be able to employ them to host events, parties, organize meetings and weddings. And if you're good at doing business? Well, probably land transactions or mall ownership is a good career.

You can make money by:

  • selling things that you create
  • buying and selling land
  • winning a prize at an event

Additionally, every Tuesday Premium Members receive a weekly "stipend", which varies depending on your subscription plan (between L$50 and L$500 a week). Depending on what type of account you have and its age, the amount you receive each week may vary.

  • Premium accounts created or upgraded from Basic on or after November 1, 2006 receive L$300 per week.
  • Premium accounts created or upgraded between July 21, 2006 and November 1, 2006 receive L$400 per week.
  • Premium accounts created or upgraded prior to July 21, 2006 receive L$500 per week.
  • Basic accounts created prior to June 6, 2006 receive a stipend of L$50 per week.
  • Basic accounts created after June 6, 2006 do not receive a weekly stipend.

The amount of money you have is shown towards the right side of your viewer's menu bar, in green. The money unit is the Linden dollar, L$. L$ 300 is about 1 US$ -- and yes, you can exchange L$ by US$ and vice-versa. Some people make a living out of Second Life. If you need some quick cash in a rush, you can always purchase Linden Dollars on the LindeX ( he price varies with demand.

Simply put it's up to you to find whatever you like, and a way you can employ your real life skills to successfully be an agent of Second Life's economy!