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Hello. I'm Strife Onizuka, LSL Portal editor and scriptor. This being the start of the second quarter I come to you today to announce a new project I am spearheading, it's goal is to make the documentation more accessible to a larger portion of the SL community.


Long have we struggled with how to make the documentation more accessible. One of the most common complaints is that is simply too technical and we are hearing this more often than you would believe from one of SL's more traditional content creators: descriptive writers. So I am proud to announce that after many sleepless nights we have come up with a way to address this. As the core problem is that the documentation relies upon very specific, technical language we have come up with a way to bring more mundane verbiage into the documentation.


To achieve this end we are announcing the LSL Portal Poetry Project! The goal of the the LPPP (or LP³ as I like to think of it), is to provide poetry for every LSL Event, Function and Constant. More specifically, the form of poetry we have chosen is Haiku. Screen realistate being at a premium haiku requires the minimum amount of space while packing the greatest metaphorical punch.


To illustrate, here is the haiku for llParticleSystem:

Cherry blossom sprites
alight upon fickle breezes
to fall through the ground.

For myself I had to had to have this haiku explained to me. It's writer explained that the literary expert will be able to extract with great ease the following incites:

  1. Particles in SecondLife are traditional 2D sprites often seen in may games.
  2. That SecondLife not only has wind, which is a bit capricious, it has a full blown weather simulator.
  3. That the particle system has no notion of clipping; particles will go through solid objects, including the ground.
  4. The writer has a tabby that likes to sleep on the keyboard.

How You Can Help

As always the LSL Portal needs volunteers. To give you an idea of what we need, some articles already have poems.

Category:Articles with haiku

If you would like to help with this project, here are a list of LSL articles in need of haiku.

Category:Articles in need of haiku

If writing haiku isn't where your strength lies (it sure isn't mine) maybe consider writing examples or just generally expanding on what has already been written:

Category:LSL Needs Example


For those interested, the runner up to Haiku was Limerick but we had trouble rhyming anything with llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast, maybe that will be next year's expansion.