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What is it?

The Linden Department of Public Works (LDPW) is a program focused on improvements related to the experience of living on, or visiting the Linden Mainland. The LDPW will organize teams of Resident builders, artists, and scripters (the Moles!) to create new content on Linden Lab's behalf and to the benefit of all. Rather than divert company resources from areas of development that contribute to important issues like stability and usability, Linden Lab is choosing to go to the experts...

It should be no surprise that when it comes to creating compelling SL content, it's the Resident population itself that serves as the best talent pool. In order to hit the ground running, the LDPW has approached a number of content creators whose credentials are well-established, but from the start, its intentions were to make application to the program open to all residents. So if you're a skilled content creator, please consider applying when the application process is open!

Lindens in the LDPW

Patch Linden is the Vice President of Product Operations.

Derrick Linden is the Senior Manager of Product Operations in Second Life, and serves as the manager of the Land Operations team.

Guy, Madori, Izzy, Whitney, Sequoia and Wendi Linden work with the LDPW on a daily basis.

Residents in the LDPW

Hard working city and country moles, these are the Residents that have made up the illustrious ranks of molekind. Note this list is not complete, and also includes veteran moles no longer with the LDPW.

  • Barnesworth Anubis
  • Chance Abattoir
  • Taisjan Arnahan
  • Charlotte Bartlett
  • Grandma Bates
  • Vittorio Beerbaum
  • Yeti Bing
  • Treacly Brodsy
  • Canolli Capalini
  • Kat Claxton
  • Stella Costello
  • Sway Dench
  • Miriel Enfield
  • Zyrra Falcone
  • Lilli Field
  • LillyBeth Filth
  • Dee Firefly
  • Betlog Hax
  • Harry Hyx
  • Grace Loudon
  • Ilse Mannonen
  • Alisha Matova
  • Goran Matzerath
  • Moundsa Mayo
  • Hosequeen McLean
  • Nerolus Mosienko
  • Elfod Nemeth
  • Maylee Oh
  • Anya Ohmai
  • Caliandris Pendragon
  • Peter13 Peterman
  • Prad Prathivi
  • Nephilaine Protagonist
  • Itazura Radio
  • Neil Robinson
  • Leah Salome
  • Rhyph Somme
  • Ravenna Soothsayer
  • Shebang Sunshine
  • Lonewolf Switchblade
  • Talia Tokugawa
  • Taliesin Veil
  • Madelena Vella
  • Atashi Yue

Past and Present Moles of the LDPW

  • Michael Linden
  • Abnor Mole
  • Adora Mole
  • Alotta Mole
  • Ancient Mole
  • Ani Mole
  • Anna Mole
  • Artsy Mole
  • Auspicious Mole
  • Avogadro Mole
  • Bat Mole
  • Binky Mole
  • Bloomin Mole
  • Bonnie Mole
  • Buhbuhcuh Mole
  • Button Mole
  • Buzzy Mole
  • Cherie Mole
  • Chronos Mole
  • Cloud Mole
  • Cosmic Mole
  • Crafty Mole
  • Crazy Mole
  • Dark Mole
  • Deep Mole
  • Delicious Mole
  • Dion Mole
  • Dreaming Mole
  • Dyna Mole
  • Earthy Mole
  • Exotic Mole
  • Fire Mole
  • Fox Mole
  • Freerange Mole
  • Frost Mole
  • Garden Mole
  • Ginger Mole
  • Glamorous Mole
  • Glowing Mole
  • Grumpy Mole
  • Guaca Mole
  • Hazel Mole
  • Hexadeci Mole
  • Hobbes Mole
  • Holy Mole
  • Hyper Mole †
  • Igneous Mole
  • Inconspicuous Mole
  • Itsa Mole
  • Jester Mole
  • La Mole
  • Lost Mole
  • Lulabell Mole
  • Macho Mole
  • Magic Mole
  • Maladaptive Mole
  • Maximus Mole
  • Mighty Mole
  • Milk Mole
  • Milli Mole
  • Mini Mole
  • Mischievious Mole
  • Mister Mole
  • Misty Mole
  • Moonstruck Mole
  • Mouldy Mole
  • Muffin Mole
  • Multi Mole
  • Myopic Mole
  • Mysterious Mole
  • Mystic Mole
  • Mythic Mole
  • Naughty Mole
  • Notta Mole
  • Opti Mole
  • Paranor Mole
  • Pepper Mole
  • Pico Mole
  • Poki Mole
  • Princess Mole
  • Protean Mole
  • Quartz Mole
  • Railway Mole
  • Rockan Mole
  • Secret Mole
  • Sergal Mole
  • Shimmy Mole
  • Silent Mole
  • Sleepy Mole
  • Smokey Mole
  • Sneaky Mole
  • Sparkling Mole
  • Spiffy Mole
  • Spirit Mole
  • Squeaky Mole
  • Squishy Mole
  • Star Mole
  • Stoic Mole
  • Sunny Mole
  • Sylvan Mole
  • Tobias Mole
  • Undercover Mole
  • Vanity Mole
  • Whacka Mole
  • Yonder Mole


Here are some common questions from the various blog postings and LDPW office hours, as answered by LDPW Lindens.

Is this a volunteer position?
The moles are paid an hourly rate.
Do I have to be good at design, building, texturing, sculpting, 3D modelling AND scripting to apply?
Fully rounded content creators are certainly encouraged to apply, but we will be asking you to indicate your core skill, assuming that most people are not Leonardo DaVinci and specialize in certain areas.
How do I apply?
Send a resume to Derrick Linden at - please include your areas of expertise and any links, screenshots or other information you would like to have considered so we can see recent examples of your work.
What if I can't do any of those things, but still want to help somehow?
Contribute your ideas by dropping a notecard on Derrick Linden in world. Suggest Region names and builds, or future LDPW projects, or even other ways for individuals to participate.
Do the contractors keep the rights to their content?
In order to maintain the rights to reproduce the content and to make some of it available via the Library, Linden Lab is purchasing full rights to content created by the mole builders.
Aren't you supposed to be fixing lag and stuff?
The LDPW project has no impact whatsoever on engineering or development efforts to improve Second Life. You REALLY don't want the the LDPW folks mucking about in the server code. Trust me.
So this LDPW thing is all about making new city Regions?
Not usually, no, although a new city area (Bay City) was the first LDPW project.
So there will be road building then?
Yes, LDPW creates, maintains and upgrades roads and bridges on Mainland regions, along with a number of other infrastructure projects ranging from planting trees, to new Welcome Islands. We'll be taking all suggestions into account, so please stay tuned and join the continued discussion.
What's all this about moles?
The contractors use accounts with the last name Mole, which references a bit of graffiti that appeared in the original city Regions long ago ... "Beware the Mole People!" Of course, those moles who wish to make their primary account names known are certainly free to do so.

LDPW Projects

LDPW Projects