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This article is obsolete, but kept as a historical record. Do not rely on this information in any way. However, it may be used in the future, so please do not delete or modify.

Solution Provider Program and Directory

The Second Life Solution Provider program helps enterprises, educational institutions, government organizations, nonprofits, and individuals connect with the global community of companies and individuals skilled at developing projects and experiences in Second Life. The program includes more than 300 organizations from around the world, offering a wide variety of products and services.

There are many gold solution providers—listed in the comprehensive Solution Provider Directory.

Whether you're interested in joining the solution provider program, or you're already a Second Life solution provider, and would like to apply to become a Gold Solution Provider, then we have everything that you need to know right here.

Gold Solution Provider Program

The Gold Solution Provider Program is the first of its kind in the virtual worlds industry, reflecting the strength, longevity, and unique ability for users to create and own their content on the Second Life platform. The new Gold Program identifies exceptionally qualified Solution Providers with a high level of client satisfaction, a track record of developing successful Second Life projects, and demonstrated expertise working with real world organizations. Currently, there are 39 Gold Solution Providers based all over the world. They have business backgrounds in areas ranging from design and web development to marketing agencies and training, and have developed projects for multinational corporations, educational institutions, government agencies, and nonprofits.

Gold Program members provide many services and products to help enterprise customers effectively use Second Life for their business. For example, they can:

  • Host and provide innovative training experiences for employees spread out across the world, saving travel time and expenses
  • Design and create engaging spaces for mixed-reality meetings and classes enabling remote attendees to participate in real time
  • Cultivate and manage vibrant communities around brand marketing efforts
  • Organize events, contests, and other activities to offer nonprofits a new venue for fundraising efforts
  • Develop simulations for educators to recreate science experiments that would be cost-prohibitive and/or dangerous in a physical setting

The Gold Solution Provider program is a special and distinct designation within the Second Life Solution Provider program.


  • Specific logo and language to demonstrate membership in the Gold Solution Provider Program.
  • Ability to communicate client satisfaction, project quality and experience in Second Life to current and potential clients.
  • Priority in marketing and PR opportunities.
  • Complimentary membership in the Extended Support Program (XSP), which includes accelerated response time and resolution to tickets.
  • Businesses/organizations contacting Linden Lab will be directed to the Gold Solution Provider list.
  • Proactive contact from Linden Lab.

Download a PDF outlining the program: Gold Solution Provider Program

Qualifications and Requirements

Linden Lab reviews all Gold Program applicants for an established set of criteria. To qualify, your organization will need to provide evidence that you meet the following evaluation criteria:

  • Recent projects with major companies
  • References from at least 3 recent clients
  • Length of experience and proportion of virtual worlds work done in the Second Life
  • Number of new or continuing projects during the past year
  • Amount of publicity for your Second Life projects, including blog posts, articles, and other publications
  • Number of speaking engagements about Second Life at conferences, seminars, and other public events

And, here are some additional program requirements:

  • Listing in the Solution Provider Directory for at least six months as Full-Service or Specialist
  • Agreement to and compliance with the written terms and conditions for the Gold Solution Provider Program
  • All Second Life account(s) associated with applicant must be and remain in good standing
  • Established business with implementation of standard business practices
  • Public Web site that includes description of services offered related to Second Life

Apply to the Gold Solution Provider Program

To apply to the Gold Solution Provider program, there is a US $125 non-refundable application fee and then a US $500 annual membership fee. If accepted, the application fee will be applied towards the annual fee.

For more information about the Gold Program, or to receive an application, please email us directly.