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This article is obsolete, but kept as a historical record. Do not rely on this information in any way. However, it may be used in the future, so please do not delete or modify.

Thank you for your interest in the Second Life solution provider program. If you're interested in creating content or experiences in the Second Life virtual world, the tools, individuals, and companies listed in the Solution Provider Directory are available to assist you. You'll find a complete listing of companies who can assist you with everything from a full-scale island build and long-term marketing plan to smaller projects such as creating a custom avatar or creating custom scripts to enable interaction with objects on your property.


To find appropriate individuals or companies and to provide better visibility for those listed, the Solution Provider Directory is divided into the following categories:

Full-service Companies
Companies that provide start-to-finish management of complex or large-scale projects, such building out an entire region, or creating a large event for many participants as well as additional services, such as marketing or strategic planning.
Talented and experienced users of Second Life who can provide you with specific skills (avatar skins, scripting), or tackle small projects.
Developer Tools
Software, scripts, or other resources provided by individuals or companies that import or export content or information, simplify development, or enable interaction with Second Life and its content.
Software Solution Providers
Individuals or companies with in-house C/C++ programming expertise who offer customization and enhancement of the Second Life Viewer source code or can build products and services which use Second Life's APIs.
Solution Providers that have worked with teen-focused organizations
Abilities range from specific skills or small projects to complete project management of large projects.

Working with a solution provider

Have a clear goal

Your goal should tie to your marketing or business objectives. See what other businesses have done with Second Life Grid; see for more information.

Decide what kind of solution provider you need

Do you want to manage the project yourself, have in-house staff contribute, or outsource the entire project? Do you want consulting on your strategic goals, or assistance with marketing your project to the Second Life community? Before you contact a Solution Provider, decide if it makes sense to contract a full-service company for your project, or if you’d prefer to manage the project and hire consultants for specific tasks.

Selecting a solution Provider

Make sure that you conduct thorough research on your own before selecting a Solution Provider to work with. In addition to obtaining and checking references, visit recent projects on the Second Life Grid to see if their style and approach is appropriate for you. Ask about metrics and results for previous projects.

Disclaimer: Linden Lab makes no representation of the ability of the companies and individuals listed, nor of the capability of any tools listed. Please treat these providers like you would any other - ask for references, look at previous work, and, if appropriate, sign a contract with them before they begin service.