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Function: key llName2Key( string name );

Returns a key the Agent ID for the named agent in the region. If there is no agent with the specified name currently signed onto the region, this function returns the value NULL_KEY. Names are always provided in the form "First[ Last]" or "first[.last]" (first name with an optional last name.) If the last name is omitted a last name of "Resident" is assumed. Case is not considered when resolving agent names.

• string name Name of the avatar to retrieve the UUID of.


  • This function does not operate on historical names. For historical name lookup use llRequestUserKey.
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tellName2Key(string avatarName)
    key keyFromName = llName2Key(avatarName);
    if (keyFromName == NULL_KEY)
        llSay(0, "There is no agent with the name '" + avatarName + "' currently signed onto the region.");
    llSay(0, "Avatar key for name '" + avatarName + "': " + (string)keyFromName);

    touch_start(integer total_number)
        tellName2Key("Rider Linden");
// If Rider Linden touches the object, the three lines should contain the answer c5a07167-9bbe-4944-a7b0-a9677afa134d

See Also


•  llRequestUserKey to fetch avatar UUID by current or historical username.

Deep Notes

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function key llName2Key( string name );


Glorious high noon
A last, tiny name converts
in spite of the key