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|func_desc=Rotate '''owner''' to point toward '''direction'''.
|func_desc=Rotate '''owner''' to point toward '''direction'''.

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The described function does not exist. This article is a feature request.


Function: llRotateAgent( vector direction );
1.0 Forced Delay
10.0 Energy

Rotate owner to point toward direction.

• vector direction


  • This function causes the script to sleep for 1.0 seconds.
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vector position_to_point_at;
vector my_pos;
vector direction;

position_to_point_at = [get position of some object];
my_pos = llGetPos();
direction = position_to_point_at - my_pos;



This should be called from within an attachment and from no other place, and only with PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION set. Ideally it would throw out the Z component of the direction vector. Since the old llPointAt() function is deprecated and can't be re-enabled by the community until the server code is opened up, I wanted to propose that LL add a function with this prototype. This should be a one-shot function that does not hold the avatar in the specified direction permanently, but works once and once only.

Animations can not duplicate this functionality, as when an animation is complete the avatar returns to its previous position and orientation.
It isn't that it has been deprecated, it just was never enabled. I should probably append that to the function description.

Deep Notes

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//function void llRotateAgent( vector direction );