MLPV2 Balls Patch

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This is a patch of the ~menu Script that allows Ball Menus to use different Objects as Pose Balls.

Step 1: Patch the ~menu Script

find the line

<lsl> llRezObject("~ball",llGetPos(),ZERO_VECTOR,ZERO_ROTATION,ch+BallCount);</lsl>

in the ~menu Script and replace it with

<lsl> // extension by Jenni Eales: use special balls for a ball number

       if (llGetInventoryType("~ball" + (string)BallCount) == INVENTORY_OBJECT)
           llRezObject("~ball" + (string)BallCount,llGetPos(),ZERO_VECTOR,ZERO_ROTATION,ch+BallCount);


Step 2: Add another Ball

  • make a copy of your ~ball object
  • rename it to ~ball0, ~ball1 etc.
  • add special features, e.g. add the ~capture Plugin
  • put it into your piece of furniture