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Concept Behind the Mental Mentors Group Page

It is hoped that this will be the place where the Mental Members visit to find SL related information that they can use in their individual Mentoring capacities.

Wiki is a great research and information resource if you have the time to use it. I have found that time is not always on your side when Mentoring.

Mental Mentors Training Division

This is the training arm of the Mental Mentors group and was created specifically to deal with residents that wish to become Mental Mentors Mentor Volunteers.

Ex SL Mentors

Was created as the group that will provide former Second Life Mentors with the sense of community that they rely on to get information that new and seasoned residents rely on.

Other Mental Mentor Pages

MM Group Charter

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Useful Information for Mental Mentors

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SL Land Guide

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Useful Wiki Links

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Useful Linden Lab Information

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Useful Websites

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