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I am a Second Life Mentor Volunteer.

My Second Life consists of coaching Mentors and Greeters at Help Island Public and the Welcome Areas. I am co-owner of Mental Mentors I am involved with the Community Gateway program at D.C. District Gateway I participate in many SL events; Mentor Coordinator and Moderator for SL6B (SL 6th Birthday) and I was the Entertainment Lead for Burning Life 09

In my time on Second Life I have seen the program evolve and have evolved with it. I believe in a "pay it forward" approach to mentoring that you pass onto others and they in turn pass on to new people after them. Please IM me if you want to become a Mentor Volunteer. Mental Mentors provides training and education to brush up on your mentoring skills.

There is so much potential in Second Life utilizing technology, resources, education and communication. I am glad to help Mentor and Greeter Volunteers with training and you can call on me in a tough New Resident zone any time you get stuck or need some back up! My specialties are Volunteering, SL Events, New User Experience, Greeting for New Residents.

Special thanks to the Resi Team and especially Lexie Linden My old friends Rails Bailey, Skye Galileo, Char Linden, Pathfinder Linden, Teagan Linden, Bastien Culdesac, Blue Linden, Matthew Linden, Usil Bailey, Autumn Thatch, Sullybaby Gomez, Aemilia Case, Jezzie McCellan, and all SL Volunteer everyday gridwide. Thanks for all your hard work, dedication and inspiration.

Instructing newbs the old fashioned way, one at a time.

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