Mentor-Managed Event Organizing

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Out of Date

The volunteer information on this page is now out of date and will be kept for historical purposes. Please do not update information on this page.

==Introduction== OUT OF DATE

Second Life Mentors have many focuses and plans in mind. Unfortunately, in the past it has been impossible to promote organizational events for committees or groups. Advertising groups in the Second Life Mentor IM channels is not a viable option, but we would like to extend an offer to have organizational events posted at Since its inception roughly eight months ago, has had over 30,000 visits, presumably many from Second Life Mentors. Advertising such events on the blog has shown to increase participation from fellow Mentors. Below are a set of instructions for having your organizational events posted at

Guidelines Summary

VTeam anticipates that posting organizational events will be considered on a case by case basis; however, the following guidelines should always apply. Use of the through this outlined process is explicitly for organizational events that support one of the main Second Life Mentor roles (Apprentice Buddies/Buddies, Coaches/Orientation Coaches, Greeters, Linguists, Scribes). No event will be posted that requests product advertisement, general announcements, or celebrations of any kind. Bear in mind that posting information about your organizational event is at the sole discretion of VTeam and, if you are not sure if your event is acceptable to post, please contact a VTeam member ahead of time before submitting your request.

How To Request

Please prepare a notecard with the following information:

  • Event Title
  • Second Life Mentor Role supported (for example, “Coaches”)
  • Event Host
  • Date and Time (in PST/SLT), Location (SLURL preferred)
  • Brief description of purpose (1-4 sentences)
  • Accompanying wiki page about the team/project (when available)

Place the notecard in the Mentor Event Series kiosk receptacle, found near the voucher receptacle across from the orientation stage at SLVEC. PLEASE NOTE: Event postings to will only be posted on Mondays. Please prepare your announcements accordingly; if you intend to have a meeting on a Monday, be sure to have put your notecard in the receptacle a week ahead of time.


The purpose of the announcements is to provide group projects a way to kick off and flourish. For projects that help support a Second Life Mentor role and require a committee or ongoing development, you are encouraged to create a wiki article named after your project and have it listed in one of the appropriate categories below. Be sure to add your meeting dates to your wiki article! Only wiki article links below, please.

Apprentice Buddies/Buddies

Examples: Shadowing strategy meetings, Buddies+New Mentor Meetups.

Coaches/Orientation Coaches

Examples: Educational projects or summits, technique and collaboration planning.


Examples: Tour groups, welcome area strategy projects, new resident freebie swaps.


Examples: Translation projects, language-focused help strategy groups.


Examples: Wiki education summits, Second Life Mentor history documentation projects.