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About the Week of Learning

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The Week of Learning is a series of classes hosted by mentors for the residents of Second Life once a month on the week closest to the 15th of each month.

The next week of Learning will be held on March 13 - 20(1 week)at Tenera

Information for Students

There's some great classes offered as part of the weekend of learning have a look at the Mainand Mentor Coaches page for the listed weekend of learning classes plus others offered by Mentor coaches around Second Life.

Information for Mentors interested in Coaching

We're aiming to get as many mentors as possible to teach their favorite things in second life, this could be building, scripting, wiki-ing, getting help in SL, texturing, sculpted prims, machinima, team building, land management, groups, appearance editing, event hosting, Question and Answer sessions... the list is endless whatever you feel confident in talking about and sharing with people come along and share it with the residents of SL!

Don't worry if you're teaching the same thing as another person, if they're at different times then it means more people will be able to come at different timezones.

Once you've decided on a class list it in 2 places for maximum exposure:

  • Second Life Events - Log into secondlife.com/events, pick a date from the calendar and click Add Event and fill in the details.
  • Mainland Mentor Coaches Schedule - Log into wiki.secondlife.com and go to Mainland_Mentor_Coaches_Class_Schedule and add your class to the others there by copy and pasting one of the existing classes and filling in your details. If you need help with adding your class to the wiki page feel free to IM Simon Kline

Improvements / Suggestions

To make the Weekend of Learning a successful monthly event it's important to keep working towards better ways of teaching and spreading the word about it. Suggestions and questions about the event are welcome, please IM Simon Kline.