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13:02  Office Orb  mail_to set to
    Start transcription to
    Transcript will be sent to:
  Jonathan  oz, you are rotating it with 1 script?
    or did you use 2 prims?
  Oz Linden  1 script in an invisible root at the center
    it's actually 16 linked prims
13:03  Jonathan  I would be curious to see that 1 script rotation code for 2 axis
    ok, meeting time
  Oz Linden  it's full perm... have a look
    Our agenda is quite full:
13:04    VWR-24487
  Office Orb

VWR-24487 llurlentry_stub.cpp:196: error: deprecated conversion from string constant to 'char*'

  Oz Linden  I meant to talk w/ Q about this before the meeting, but that fell through the cracks
    We will get a fix for this done pretty soon one way or another
  Cummere Mayo  dont mind me im snapshotting my ui so i can show something to fredrik..
13:05  Oz Linden  we're currently planning our hackathon for getting everything converted to VS 2010, which will want this
    it's tentatively scheduled for the end of next week, I believe
  Jonathan  Are we invited?
  Oz Linden  I will be asking around to see if we can figure out how open devs can contribute
13:06    if nothing else, the repos for all the open stuff we'll be working on will be in public
    so you'll be able to see and test what we're doing
    I"ll try to do better than that, though.
    stay tuned
13:07    If it's really bothering people, we could commit the temporary fix we have now, but I am going to want to replace it
    I'll leave that item on our agenda for next time too
13:08    next..... OPEN-1 - perhaps Jonathan can give us his view of the status of that
  Office Orb

OPEN-1 autobuild does not support use with Visual Studio Express

  Phoenix-FirestormViewer Rocks  so will this mean going forward everyone will need to sue VS 2010?
  Oz Linden  yes, tank
  Phoenix-FirestormViewer Rocks  ok thx
  JεŞŞⓘcα レƔⓞη  starting with 2.6 right?
13:09  Oz Linden  right
  JεŞŞⓘcα レƔⓞη  kk
  Phoenix-FirestormViewer Rocks  so libs wont be affected?
  Oz Linden  well, all of you that work on windows :-)
  Phoenix-FirestormViewer Rocks  well yeah :P
  Oz Linden  all libs too
    not a small job
  JεŞŞⓘcα レƔⓞη  ouch
13:10    so as soon as you have the libs changed, we'll need to be using 2010 on any revision?
  Oz Linden  Jonathan ... where do we stand w/ VS Express ?
  Phoenix-FirestormViewer Rocks  will the old libs be in place for a while to give people time to transision over?
  Oz Linden  the old downloads will still be there for old versions
  Jonathan  My version runs, with that hack of moving the build directory
  JεŞŞⓘcα レƔⓞη  oh good ok
  Phoenix-FirestormViewer Rocks  ok thatll work then, thx
  Jonathan  I would like to hear from other people about how theirs runs
13:11    WOlfpup and Nickyp
  Oz Linden  so the problem there is that the fact that indra is no longer in the tree above the executable means that it can't find its settings file, right?
  Jonathan  yes
    not the saved settings, but the initial ones
  Oz Linden  I assume that the Pro users don't have this and can run the exe where it is built?
13:12  Jonathan  I know wolfpup uses pro, dunno about Nickyp
  Oz Linden  no takers...
    ok, well, we'll want to sort that out, but I suspect that it'll be pretty easy
  Phoenix-FirestormViewer Rocks  hasnt used 2010 yet, so doesnt know how its different
  Jonathan  why the compiler would make a difference is a mystery
13:13    Tank, this is about autobuild
  Phoenix-FirestormViewer Rocks  ahh ok
  Oz Linden  it may be that some command is not conditionalized correctly when setting up those files
  Robin Cornelius  maybe but as we don't have the build inside indra/ anymore having code in the viewer that tests for that is asking for bugs
  Jonathan  Robin, can you autobuild on Express as another test case?
  Oz Linden  yes, clearly we'll want to change that
  Robin Cornelius  i've only got express in 2005/2010 versions
13:14  Oz Linden  05 for now, please
  Robin Cornelius  and yes i can run some other tests
  Oz Linden  thanks
  Jonathan  Oz, did you update the source with the /u (?) xml fix
  Oz Linden  not yet, but I'll do that after this meeting
    next issue is OPEN-4
  Office Orb

OPEN-4 As an Open Source Developer, I would like to use Fmod in the autobuild system if i have the needed files already

13:15  Oz Linden  the trick here is that we need at least new instructions on where to put the fmod files under the build tree
  Jonathan  that is just small change, right?
13:16  Oz Linden  ideally, I'd like to go one better and do an autobuild re-package project so that you can check that out, build it, and you'll have a local archive that your viewer build can use
  Robin Cornelius  at one point (snowglobe 1.x) we had an optinon were we could pass a var with FMOD_SDK_DIR and it just used that to find all the bits it needed
  Merovingian  interesting, is that failing for all platforms?
13:17    FMOD logic had to be changed quite a bit to it to require being used only in private mode
    thinks he should look into that one
  Oz Linden  would _love_ your help, Merov - let's talk after this
13:18  Merovingian  is there something with having "Wolf" in your name and being unable to spell?
  JεŞŞⓘcα レƔⓞη  I lol'd
  Merovingian  has to parse comments twice to make sense of them
  Oz Linden  we've got a lot of *wolf* names on this project... not sure what that tells us...
  Phoenix-FirestormViewer Rocks  oh man, theres to meny wolves out there...
13:19  JεŞŞⓘcα レƔⓞη  we have a lot of 'wolfs' on the phoenix project too >.>
    they're taking over
  বরুনদাশ গুপ্তে  I even saw a "Wolf Linden" on jira today
  JεŞŞⓘcα レƔⓞη  haha
  Oz Linden  I once worked for a 12 person company, 5 of whom were named Dave....
  Phoenix-FirestormViewer Rocks  lol
  বরুনদাশ গুপ্তে  yay
  Jonathan  Wolf Linden is part of snowstorm
  JεŞŞⓘcα レƔⓞη  lol
13:20  Oz Linden  once open-1 and open-4 have at least reasonable workarounds, we'll merge autobuild
  Tonya Souther  knows a David Trout who solved that problem: he goes by "Fish".
  Oz Linden  Next major item
13:21    Cummere did a pass through VWR and came up with a whole bunch of build-related issues as candidates to be moved to OPEN
    round of applause for Cummere....
  Kitty Barnett  yay!
  Jonathan  Hoooo!
13:22  Oz Linden  So... we're going to zoom through the list and decide if we still care about each issue, and if so how much and move to OPEN if it's enough
  Merovingian  we moved some from SNOW too (still with Cummere's help)
  Oz Linden  otherwise, we'll just close 'em and forget 'em
  Cummere Mayo  im not very confident about this list ><
  Oz Linden  that's ok... it's having a list that's useful
    first vwr-3621
  Office Orb

VWR-3621 Parser Stack Depth Exceeded needs its own error message.

13:23  Cummere Mayo  case in point
  Oz Linden  If I'm not mistaken this is an LSL issue?
  Robin Cornelius  LSL compile is server side now
  Merovingian  right, not an OPEN issue then
  Oz Linden  nor VWR
13:24  Merovingian  which project should that be moved to?
  Cummere Mayo  sorry i have a hard time telling the differance between building and scripting sometimes
    hence part of why im very not sure of the list
  Oz Linden  SVC, I guess - that will get it on their triage
  Robin Cornelius  SVC i would say
  Oz Linden  no problem
    either way it'll be out of our bucket
  Merovingian  volunteer to do the JIRA move
  Oz Linden  go
  Office Orb

VWR-9557 a standalone build fails on Fedora with NVIDIA graphics driver: 'glActiveTextureARB' was not declared in this scope

13:25  Cummere Mayo  i was told this is a lib issue
  Oz Linden  but there seems to be a patch...
13:26    this overlaps with the headers issue we were discussing earlier, Merov
  বরুনদাশ গুপ্তে  glh_linear?
  Oz Linden  I'd say move it to OPEN, change to Open status
13:27  Robin Cornelius  the gl.h headers are distro supplied and if you use the nvidia supplied GL header you get the above build bug
  Merovingian  there's a related gl issue
  বরুনদাশ গুপ্তে  ah, so a different issue form the glh_linear one
13:28  Merovingian  digs for the JIRA
  Oz Linden  maybe we need to make our package that installs the nvidia headers detect if the system already has better ones?
  Robin Cornelius  i though the GL headers came with the GLX you had installed? you don't just ship them around
  Merovingian  OPEN-14
  Office Orb

OPEN-14 we really need to decide how to handle glh/glh_linear.h for standalone cases

13:29  Robin Cornelius  glh_linear is different
    thats a standalone file that has no home anywhere
  Oz Linden  bring this one in and let's move on
13:30  Merovingian  moves VWR-9557 to OPEN
  Oz Linden  vwr-13793
  Office Orb

VWR-13793 Full support for Linux 64-bit

  JεŞŞⓘcα レƔⓞη  our users have been screaming for this one ^
  Phoenix-FirestormViewer Rocks  ya
  Oz Linden  well, this isn't going to happen soon, I'm sorry to say
  Tonya Souther  keep it on the radar?
  JεŞŞⓘcα レƔⓞη  that's what I keep saying to them lol
  Oz Linden  I'm ok with importing it, and with taking patches to make it happen from the community though
13:31  Phoenix-FirestormViewer Rocks  64bit support for all OSs at some point tin eh future would be nice
  Cummere Mayo  shrugs...
  Oz Linden  yes... would be nice....
  Cummere Mayo  I was told to make a list thats what i did... i wasnt told to weed out pipedreams :P
  Tonya Souther  I'm happy to let the Linux folks find the 64-bitness issues before I tackle OS X.
  Phoenix-FirestormViewer Rocks  but i agree theres more pressing things to work on at this time
  Oz Linden  there are really only ever 3 priorities: 1) what I'm doing now, 2) what I'll do next, 3) what I probably won't get to
13:32  Cummere Mayo  32 bit mostly works okay on 64 bit os...
  Robin Cornelius  64 bit is not that broken, many of us have been doing linux 64 bit builds for years so the code itsself is in generaly ok shape for that
  বরুনদাশ গুপ্তে  One of the problems is that 32bit viewer can't use 64bit GStreamer.
  Oz Linden  ok vwr-19643
  Office Orb

VWR-19643 linux libndofdev incompatible to kernel >=2.6.33 (was: spacenavigator does not wok under 1.8.0, udev and fedora 13)

  Oz Linden  ducks
  Robin Cornelius  there was a patch for libndofdev for new kernels
  Oz Linden  this has been on my plate forever... mea culpa
  JεŞŞⓘcα レƔⓞη  lol
13:33  Oz Linden  I need to repackage and build the new version...
    just keeps not makeing it to #1
    please import it, Merov
    leave it assigned to me
  Office Orb

VWR-20466 viewer-external uuid.lib: debugging information corrupt

  বরুনদাশ গুপ্তে  don't put this issue on some stack the, ... better a FIFO
13:34  Merovingian  moves VWR-19643 to OPEN
  JayR Cela  my opinion / SL / QuickTime / Linux / do not play well together - PERIOD !!!!!! / is a waste of time
  Robin Cornelius  uuid.lib corrupt is caused my mixing your SDKs up
  বরুনদাশ গুপ্তে  QuickTime isn't used on Linux, JayR
13:35  Robin Cornelius  i suspect its a win 7 user on VC2005 using SDK 7.x
  Oz Linden  the reporter was you, Robin...
13:36  Robin Cornelius  forgot i filed that one
  Oz Linden  Can we just close this on the assumption that it either : was and incorrect setup, or: will be fixed by 2010 move?
  JayR Cela  @(br/ no quicktime does work with linux - watch on a regular basis / Quicktime and SL media webkit does not
  Robin Cornelius  its a build tool chain set up issue, so close please
  Oz Linden  thank you
13:37  JayR Cela  oops sorry my mistake Hulu uses flash
  বরুনদাশ গুপ্তে  I mean, the Linux viewer doesn't use QuickTime to view mediea streams.
  Robin Cornelius  no wonder these issues are all very familar
  বরুনদাশ গুপ্তে  It uses GSTreamer instead.
  Oz Linden  vwr-20994
  Office Orb

VWR-20994 Add a 'printbuilddirs' command to

  Oz Linden  I believe that autobuild essentially already has this, and it replaces
13:38  Cummere Mayo  hmm robin i think for the next round im just gonna look for issues created by you >.>
  JayR Cela  well Quicktime is as old as dirt / time to dump it / HTML5 should be seriously looked at
  Phoenix-FirestormViewer Rocks  doesnt webkit already support html5?
    or partially at least
  Oz Linden  focus, people....
13:39  Phoenix-FirestormViewer Rocks  sorry
  Oz Linden  I'd say close 20994
  Merovingian  +1
  Oz Linden  won't finish because we're moving to autobuild
  Office Orb

VWR-23304 Allow choosing between system headers/libraries and LL supplied ones per package

13:40  বরুনদাশ গুপ্তে  should go to OPEN
  Oz Linden  but I think it may be the same as open-6
  Office Orb

OPEN-6 Add support to autobuild for local archives as dependencies and as targets

  Oz Linden  so move it, but link it to that one as related?
13:41  বরুনদাশ গুপ্তে  let me read OPEN-6
  Oz Linden  we can take a deeper look when we actually do them
  Merovingian  resolve as dupe rather, no?
  Oz Linden  maybe
13:42  বরুনদাশ গুপ্তে  I don't quite understand what OPEN-6 is asking for, so I can't tell whether it's the same
  Oz Linden  one thing I don't want to do is proliferate command line switches more than we really need
    it's a little silly
13:43    the package/dependency mechanism only supports getting files remotely
    it supports http and scp urls, but not file urls
  বরুনদাশ গুপ্তে  ah
  Oz Linden  almost certainly a really easy fix if anyone wants to flex some python muscles
  বরুনদাশ গুপ্তে  but how would I choose how to fulfil a dependency?
13:44  Oz Linden  link them and let's move on
  বরুনদাশ গুপ্তে  ok
  Merovingian  does the move and link
  Oz Linden  you change your autobuild.xml file (or copy it to a temp and use that so that you don't accidentally check it in)
  Office Orb

VWR-23465 !standalone build error due to missing undefined reference to `FT_Realloc'

13:45  Oz Linden  Gentoo specific?
  বরুনদাশ গুপ্তে  yes
13:46  Oz Linden  anyone know if it's still a problem?
  বরুনদাশ গুপ্তে  or rather, doesn't occur on debian-like systems
    dunno if Gentoo is the only affected one
  Tonya Souther  Techwolf might, Oz, dunno anyone else. But all the world is not Ubuntu, or even Debian.
  Oz Linden  right....
  Robin Cornelius  gentoo might use different compile flags for freetype?
13:47  Oz Linden  import it and assign back to techwolf ... the sources for those builds should soon be in public repos if they are not already
    he can work out the upgrade/fix
    and then we'll take it in
13:48  বরুনদাশ গুপ্তে  dunno if it's that easy
  Oz Linden  VWR-23706
  Office Orb

VWR-23706 current snowstorm building script terminated due to "collect2: ld terminated with signal 9 [Killed] "

13:49  Oz Linden  can anyone tell what this is?
  Tonya Souther  Looks like a hang that he sent a kill to.
  JεŞŞⓘcα レƔⓞη  never seen that error
  Tonya Souther  Be nice if he'd actually included some description.
  Oz Linden  close it
    not reproducible
13:50  বরুনদাশ গুপ্তে  -DSERVER:BOOL=OFF ... wtf?
  Oz Linden  VWR-23826
  Office Orb

VWR-23826 LLDir integration test fails with "failed to write to test file '/tmp/getNextFileInDir02//'"

13:51  বরুনদাশ গুপ্তে  I think you guys fixed that one at some point.
  Oz Linden  that test has been cleaned up....
    would you take that one and either repro on current builds or close it, please, B?
  Merovingian  I think so, resolved as "Fixed"?
  বরুনদাশ গুপ্তে  I think so
  Oz Linden  ok... let's do that then
13:52    VWR-23961
  Office Orb

VWR-23961 Add fmodex in FindFMOD cmake module

  Robin Cornelius  i think i still have a failing test, could be this one, i'll reopen if it is so
  Merovingian  Another FMOD one...
  Robin Cornelius  yea merge/dup as its all the same work required to solve anyway
13:53  Oz Linden  move it and link to open-4
  Office Orb

OPEN-4 As an Open Source Developer, I would like to use Fmod in the autobuild system if i have the needed files already

  Merovingian  does that
  Oz Linden  VWR-24366
13:54  বরুনদাশ গুপ্তে  that's already in STORM ?
  Cummere Mayo  that got moved
    between when i wrote the list and now
  Oz Linden  ok... leave it
  Phoenix-FirestormViewer Rocks  STORM-981
  Office Orb

STORM-981 CMAKE_EXE_LINKER_FLAGS not honored when linking the viewer binary if -DLL_TESTS:BOOL=ON

  Oz Linden  VWR-24375
  Office Orb

VWR-24375 link phase secondlife-bin fails; supplied LL-lib needs to be removed.

13:56  Oz Linden  not clear to me what the problem or the fix is....
  বরুনদাশ গুপ্তে  already has a dup in OPEN ?
  Office Orb

OPEN-16 link phase secondlife-bin fails; supplied LL-lib needs to be upgraded

  Oz Linden  good catch...close as dup then
13:57  বরুনদাশ গুপ্তে  Ah, that's one of those we moved from SNOW
  Oz Linden  VWR-24410
  Office Orb

VWR-24410 settings.xml not always updated during incremental builds, causing "WARNING: get: Control UpdaterMaximumBandwidth not found." and crash

  Cummere Mayo  is this kinda thing an open issue or not? so i know for future ref
13:58  বরুনদাশ গুপ্তে  yeah
  Oz Linden  yes
  বরুনদাশ গুপ্তে  probably a missing dependency declaration
  Oz Linden  smells related to the settings problem Jonathan is having .... move it
  Cummere Mayo  kay i wanst sure
  Jonathan  it's only related by name
13:59  Oz Linden  VWR-24484
  Office Orb

VWR-24484 doesn't find on standalone, all web features defunct

  বরুনদাশ গুপ্তে  standalone-specific, so OPEN, I'd say
14:00  Office Orb  Your timer has expired!
  বরুনদাশ গুপ্তে  (might also be Gentoo specific)
  Robin Cornelius  no its not, its general standalone issue
  Oz Linden  I guess, but there's so much custom stuff in this I don't know what we'll do with it....
  Robin Cornelius  its related to how you build llqtwebkit
  Cummere Mayo  well i hope that list was good? ill try and get another done in the next week
  Robin Cornelius  -rpath is your friend
  Oz Linden  VWR-24594
  Office Orb

VWR-24594 Problems with and vstool when trying to setup new development environment with Visual Studio 2010

  Oz Linden  move to OPEN (without looking)
14:01  Tonya Souther  the rest are VS 2010 too.
  Phoenix-FirestormViewer Rocks  why not close it? itsll be bypased with autobuild
14:02  Oz Linden  24594 we should close, I think
  Merovingian  just moved it
  Oz Linden  the next two move,
    that's ok
14:03  বরুনদাশ গুপ্তে  ew, cascaded titles in description
  Oz Linden  the rest, move and we'll sort them out in the 2010 process
  Cummere Mayo  did i do okay with that list oz?
14:04  Oz Linden  I'm going to leave item 4 from the agenda on for next time: Other Autobuild Issues Triage:
  • OPEN-11 Change STANDALONE to something less confusing
  • OPEN-17 Upgrade builds to use OpenJPEG 1.4 (and create autobuild configuration for the lib)
  Office Orb

OPEN-11 Change STANDALONE to something better.

OPEN-17 64bit standalone build clients do not correctly upload textures with alpha

  Oz Linden  Outstanding, Cummere
  Cummere Mayo  k ill take another pass through when i can find time then
  Oz Linden  there was only one there that didn't belong, and it didn't belong in VWR either!!
  Phoenix-FirestormViewer Rocks  weve been using openjpeg 1.4 w/o much issue in FS and phoenix
14:05  Oz Linden  Thank you everyone, and especially Merov for volunteering to do the Jira mechanics!
  Robin Cornelius  yes thats an old buggy openjpeg issue that i fixed
    OPEN-17 close it with use a recent openjpeg
  Cummere Mayo  oh oz before i go... I sent the ca directly to you, so it may need forwarded... asumming its acceptable as is?
14:06  Phoenix-FirestormViewer Rocks  thx Os and Mervo for taking your time with us
  Oz Linden  I'm going to get an autobuild-ized openjpeg repo up soon (unless someone else wants to do it?)
    I'll get it Cummere.... and can forward just fine... thank you
  Phoenix-FirestormViewer Rocks  Oz*
  Robin Cornelius  just don't use the 1.3 tarball as a base
  Oz Linden  no, we'll get the new one
  Robin Cornelius  thats svn only i think
    or git
14:07  Oz Linden  autobuild can pull from svn
  বরুনদাশ গুপ্তে  git?
  Oz Linden  adding support for git should be easy if we have to do that
  বরুনদাশ গুপ্তে  ah, the upstream repo
  Robin Cornelius  ah sorry thats the debian repro not offical openjpeg
  Oz Linden  Maybe our Phoenix friends can help us get that set up?
14:08  Office Orb  End transcription
  Tonya Souther  We can probably wrangle that, I think.