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07:01  Office Orb  mail_to set to
    Start transcription to
    Transcript will be sent to:
  Oz Linden  Hi everyone
07:02  বরুনদাশ গুপ্তে  hi Oz
  Wolfpup  hello
  素性  hi ㋡
07:03  Oz Linden  There doesn't seem to be anything on the agenda this morning.... so maybe we could go through these OPEN issues and talk about them....
07:04    open-12
  Office Orb

OPEN-12 Express build fails - missing include file winsock2.h

  Oz Linden  Merov commented that this is fixed... true?
  বরুনদাশ গুপ্তে  Merov has marked this as dupe, but didn't resolve it.
07:05  Oz Linden  ah... the workflow didn't have an easy way to do that....
    will have to fix that
    did it the hard way
07:06    open-9
  Office Orb

OPEN-9 Generate Logs in Opensource Envrionment on Windows

  Oz Linden  Wolfpups favorite :-)
07:07    My reaction at this point is that the workaround you've got now is probably actually the right solution
  Wolfpup  actuly it is more of a feature request for the open source developers for cleaning up the cmd line
  Oz Linden  I'd rather not put something into autobuild to explicitly create a file
07:08    We've got the same restriction on other platforms
  Wolfpup  but you do not have to do the same thing on the build farms
  Oz Linden  it's just that unix devs don't see having to do redirections as a bug
  Wolfpup  the build farms automaticaly generat that file
07:09  Oz Linden  well, no, because the build farm does it for you, and that will be true when we set up the one for contributors too
    but all it is doing is redirection just like you did, in effect - it's not an autobuild feature
  বরুনদাশ গুপ্তে  So the build farm actually captures output, too, to generate the build log files?
  Oz Linden  right
07:10  Wolfpup  hey here is the windows log from TC >
  Oz Linden  TeamCity requires that certain kinds of output go on certain file descriptors, in fact
    so that you can get detailed logs in one and progress indications on another
  বরুনদাশ গুপ্তে  cool
  Oz Linden  all of which is done by the buildscripts
07:11  Wolfpup  and autobuild is a set of scripts so why couldn't that feature be added to it?
  বরুনদাশ গুপ্তে  Are the build scripts just shell scripts that could be invoced without TeamCity?
  Oz Linden  because it would be too coupled to the particulars of the environment and the actual compilation tools
  Wolfpup  then all the OS devs woul have to do if they wanted loging of the build is add say -L
07:12  Oz Linden  yes, the buildscripts can be used directly
  Wolfpup  i think python has a way to 'cpature' the output
  Oz Linden  you can check them out from
    It's rather a pain to both capture the output and display it
07:13    redirecting output is better left to the shell itself, which is what you did
    (and I do, if I want a file, but I usually don't)
  বরুনদাশ গুপ্তে  "Page not found" (you probably mean or )
07:14  Oz Linden  yes, correct
    I don't find using them directly to be very much help over just using autobuild
    it can be useful on the rare occasions when you need to debug a failure that only happens on TC
07:16    open-33
  Office Orb

OPEN-33 Python error running INTEGRATION_TEST_llsdmessage

  বরুনদাশ গুপ্তে  btw., if you want to capture both, command output and your own cli input, the `script' UNIX command might be userful.
  Wolfpup  tyhat one has been closed as need needs more info
07:17  Oz Linden  ah... so it has (this filter needs some tweaking)
07:18    open-13
  Office Orb

OPEN-13 raises an exception after a failed build

07:19  Oz Linden  the comments say this was a 2005 express problem...
    does it happen now?
07:20  Wolfpup  im on ultimate so i do not know
  Oz Linden  open-41
  Office Orb

OPEN-41 VS2010 Release build will not complete because of incorrect path to

07:21  Oz Linden  confusing...
07:22  বরুনদাশ গুপ্তে  "This fix is not needed unless viewer-development is merged to viewer-autobuild2010." .... um ...what?
07:23  Oz Linden  I'm going to resolve as Needs Info
07:24    I suspect it is not a problem now
  বরুনদাশ গুপ্তে  Maybe Nicky fixed a bug that was only in his own repo?
  Oz Linden  last one is opne-56
  Office Orb

OPEN-56 Build arch detection is non existant

  Oz Linden  which is really complaining about 64 bit detection
07:25  বরুনদাশ গুপ্তে  The detection is still in place, I guess. I just isn't used, because all configurations in autobuild.xml explicitly request 32bit buids.
07:26  Wolfpup  or you can change it to 64
  Oz Linden  well, ultimately I'd like to start actually supporting 64 properly....
07:27    not this week though
  বরুনদাশ গুপ্তে  Yay, good news!
  Wolfpup  Oz wont that mean another retooling of the build farms to workin 64bit mode?
07:28  Oz Linden  That's a discussion that has not really had a chance to happen yet, but will have to take place some time soon
  বরুনদাশ গুপ্তে  Re-enabling auto-detection would probably be as simple as removing the explicit setting WORD_SIZE from autobuild.xml.
07:29  Oz Linden  Well, I was thinking that one approach would be to add 64bit build hosts to the contributor build farm
    if we got it all working smoothly, that would help
07:30  Wolfpup  true
  Oz Linden  The big issue is that if we claim to support it, we have to QA it, which is a big additional thing when QA is already streched pretty thin
  Wolfpup  so the contributors farm be up and running befor or after your vacation?
  Oz Linden  after for sure
07:31    I'll be on vacation some time tomorrow afternoon :-)
    but I am in the middle of writing up a task list for it
    should be fun
07:32  Wolfpup  a task list?
  Oz Linden  all the things that need to be done to get it up and running
  Wolfpup  ahh ok
  Oz Linden  We did pick a name, though:
  Wolfpup  kewl
  বরুনদাশ গুপ্তে  brb, phone
07:35  Wolfpup  Oz the new farm is only going to be for test viewers that Os devs make right
07:37  Oz Linden  yes
07:38    The rules include that you can't modify the channel ids
  Wolfpup  that is understandable
07:39  Oz Linden  I am hoping that I can set things up so that the contrib-build farm can use all the Linden-only prebuilds
    still tbd whether or not I can make the security work for that, though
07:40  Wolfpup  but lets say i have some 'slight' mods to the main repos that i use localy and want to have them on say a linux lapy ythat i have i could not do builds on the farm for that
07:41  Oz Linden  well, the idea is to produce test viewers, not viewers for ongoing use
  Wolfpup  ok
07:42  বরুনদাশ গুপ্তে  Though, changes should be ok, I guess. For LL's repos, there are already automatic builds.
  Oz Linden  The only way that I can let the contrib-build farm use our proprietary prebuilds (if I can...) is if it's building our viewers
  Wolfpup  i wonder how dificult it would be to make the sidebar tabke follow the active floater transparency setting
  Oz Linden  no idea, WP
07:44  Wolfpup  reason being is that the only real change between my local build and the nightlys is that i have replaced the graphic for the tabs with one that has 50%% transparency
  Oz Linden  So... we start a new sprint on Monday ... anyone have things they want to work on?
07:45  বরুনদাশ গুপ্তে  is that next Monday or today?
  Wolfpup  i have not realy looked as my RL work schedual has been changed
  Oz Linden  Today
    hi Techwolf
  বরুনদাশ গুপ্তে  Well, I'm still on my thesis, so other than quick hacks, I won't have time to do much.
  Wolfpup  hey Tech
  Techwolf Lupindo  Hi all
07:46  Wolfpup  plus another issue that you don't like hearing me talk about Oz
  বরুনদাশ গুপ্তে  ...?
07:47  Oz Linden  which one is that?
  Wolfpup  $
07:48  Oz Linden  ah, well, that's not one I can do much about, I'm afraid
07:49    Any other topics today?
  বরুনদাশ গুপ্তে  STORM-1182
  Office Orb

STORM-1182 [Linux] XUI Preview Tool fails to load XMLs from indra/newview/skins

  Wolfpup  i know but
07:50  বরুনদাশ গুপ্তে  I made a change that might fix it for Mac, too, but can't test it. (Don't have a Mac.)
  Oz Linden  I saw that you had a patch for the mac ... is there also something needed on Windows?
    I'll do a build later...
    I have never actually tried to use the XUI tool, so it'll be a learning exercise
07:51  বরুনদাশ গুপ্তে  I don't think so. I skimmed over the lldir_windows.cpp file and didn't see similar code.
  Wolfpup  Oz there might be as the files that Boroondas worked on were os specific
  Oz Linden  Maybe you could test that for us, Wolfpup?
  বরুনদাশ গুপ্তে  So if Windows has the same problem, the fix would probably be different, too.
  Wolfpup  ill look at the diff tomarrow
  Oz Linden  all you need to do is make XUI changes in the source tree and see if the preview tool sees them, I think
07:54  Wolfpup  actualy i think that is posiabley related to how the viewer is started as well
07:55    i always start ming from the build tree so when im working on the xml files it is the ones in the build tree and not the source tree
  Oz Linden  How do you mean?
    well, I think that is the point of this issue
07:56    it used to be that the build tree and the source tree were not different
  Wolfpup  then after i have the xml right i copy the needed changes over to the source tree
  Oz Linden  the preview tool should be looking at the sources
    yes, but that introduces an opportunity for error
07:57    if the preview tool used the xui from the source tree, then it will show what a subsequent build would do, right?
  Wolfpup  actuay you used to have to make an icont that pointed to the source tree for the xml informationg but they started copying it to the build tree
  বরুনদাশ গুপ্তে  an icon?
07:58    do you mean a launcher?
  Wolfpup  if you made a desktop icong on windows you can set the start in location to where the xml files are
    yes boroondas
  Oz Linden  by specifying a command line argument?
  Wolfpup  windows calls them desktop icons
07:59    i think in one jira there is an example of the properties window let me find it
08:00  Office Orb  Your timer has expired!
  Oz Linden  I know how they work...
    I've got to get going... lots to do before I head to Vegas
08:01  Wolfpup  there is an input files where you can set the start in location
  Oz Linden  No meeting Wednesday or Friday this week
  Office Orb  End transcription
  素性  bye ㋡
  বরুনদাশ গুপ্তে  Have a nice vacation :-)