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The code below is for a simple rezzer for the creatures. For a region scale rezzer system see Holistic_Pathfinding_Management

Simple Creatures

Grazing Animal

Wanders pauses and eat, wanders, repeat.

Sentient Treasure Chest

Treasure chest with legs. Sleeps, but runs and hides if anyone approaches.


Wanders about (flying) looking for flowers, lingers by flowers, runs and hides from agents.


Moves along designated path, lingers by designated waypoint and moves to next random waypoint.


Wanders about an area, includes special movement example.

Treetop Birds

Birds that move between treetops at random intervals.


Birds that glide about on thermals

Ecosystem Creatures

Hunting Animal

Wanders looking for specific prey and pursues when prey is spotted.

Grazing Prey Animal

Wanders and pauses to eat, run a short distance when approached (skittish), runs further and hides from specific predator.


Wanders about a specified area, flees and hides if an agent approaches.


Build a character that can be ridden with race example.


Wanders about, chooses random agent, follows agent for a period, then wanders off, if no agents found sleeps.


Wanders about, chooses random agent, lingers by agent, then wanders again, if no agents found sleeps.

Hopping Scarecrow

Wanders about hopping and approaches random people, lingers and moves on.

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