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To learn more about the Viewer 2 series of Second Life Viewers, see the comprehensive Release Notes for Viewer 2.0.0 (203055).

Release Notes for Viewer 2, Version 2.4.0 (216989) - Second Life Release

Released December 16, 2010

Feature Highlights

  • Reorganized and Improved Preferences: We’ve reorganized the preferences tabs, and added a couple of new ones, in an ongoing effort to make Preferences more intuitive and easier to use.
  • Graphics Improvements: We've made improvements in antialiasing, anisotropic filtering, and snapshots.
  • Support for External Text Editors: If you’re a scripter, you'll now be able to use your own text editor for scripting. There's more work to be done to improve the user interface, but we're hoping you'll be pleased with this new feature.
  • A Background Auto-Updater: With the auto-updater, on each login the Viewer will check to see if the version you're running is the latest. If a new optional update is available, the auto-updater will automatically download the new installer in the background, while you continue to use Second Life. On your next login, you'll be offered the opportunity to install the new version.

Crash and Performance Fixes

  • DN-192 [crashhunters] LLVOAvatar::clearNameTag
  • DN-203 [crashhunters] LLIMModel::LLIMSession::onAvatarNameCache
  • ER-281 Object cache limit is too low in the viewer
  • SH-173 [VWR-22868] Development Viewer freezes just after startup / greedy with file handles / "WARNING: ll_apr_warn_status: APR: Too many open files"
  • SH-188 Crash at LLTexLayerSet::setUpdatesEnabled(int) [secondlife-bin lltexlayer.cpp]
  • SH-346 [VWR-22811] Crash at LLImageGL::createGLTexture(int,unsigned char const *,int,int) [secondlife-bin llimagegl.cpp] line 1259
  • SH-353 Viewer crash when disabling Anisotropic Filtering
  • SH-358 [crashhunters] LLPipeline::renderBloom crash on Windows -- high occurrence on all cards
  • SH-392 Antialiasing + OS X 10.6 causes Viewer 2.3 to render the screen as a white "glow"
  • STORM-95 Upload hangs client
  • STORM-105 As a Developer, I want to create a Performance Data Tracking system so I can get a baseline of current performance before switching to a new lib
  • STORM-341 [crashhunters] LLFilteredWearableListManager::populateList() [secondlife-bin llfilteredwearablelist.cpp]
  • STORM-404 Viewer crashes if try to create new group while data about previous group is retrieved
  • STORM-424 [VWR-23459] Viewer compiled against Boost-1.42 crashes when certain command line options are given
  • STORM-439 [VWR-23239] Memory leak in LLUIString
  • STORM-452 [crashhunters] Crash in LLAgentCamera::resetView()
  • STORM-472 Crash decoding jpg image
  • STORM-548 [VWR-23444] Double clicking a hint X button crashes the viewer
  • STORM-559 [crashhunters] LLSideTray::showPanel(std::basic_string,std::allocator > const &,LLSD const &) [secondlife-bin llsidetray.cpp]

New Features and Enhancements

  • ER-219 Add an asynchronous api for the region debug console
  • SH-335 Create a debug tool to track memory availability
  • SH-410 Opaque Water project version 2.0
  • STORM-52 As a Scripter, I want to use my own external script editing tools that provide more functionality than the inworld script editor
  • STORM-102 As an Event Host, I would like to be able to have Daily and Monthly logs of my chat and group/private IM's so I can easily have records of any issues that may happen on a particular day without having to search the whole chat/group logs for a specific day
  • STORM-103 Add chat/IM history update
  • STORM-143 Make the history search look for the previous chat log, no matter when it was
  • STORM-477 Add test code for LLDir::getNextFileInDir()
  • STORM-535 PLEASE allow adjustable transparency of "Nearby Chat" window, Chat History and Chat "Toasts" in Viewer 2.0!
  • STORM-544 Create preference to allow transparency to be modified
  • STORM-566 Add new tabs to Preferences
  • STORM-569 Add a Preference to enable Viewer UI Hints
  • STORM-570 Layout cleanup in the General tab of Preferences
  • STORM-571 Move voice prefs currently located in Advanced to Sound & Media
  • STORM-572 Layout cleanup in the Sound & Media tab of Preferences
  • STORM-575 Layout cleanup in the Chat tab of Preferences
  • STORM-576 Add a Preference to allow users to enable double-click to teleport or use auto-pilot
  • STORM-582 Take movement and camera control preferences from Advanced and move them to the new Move & View tab
  • STORM-583 Move colors-related preferences to the new Colors tab
  • STORM-585 Layout cleanup in the Privacy tab in Preferences
  • STORM-586 Layout cleanup in the Setup tab of Preferences
  • STORM-587 Layout cleanup in the Advanced tab of Preferences
  • STORM-588 Add a Preference that allows users to run multiple Viewer instances
  • STORM-589 Add a Preference that allows users to display the grid selection drop-down on the login screen
  • STORM-590 Add Preferences to enable the display of the Advanced and Development menus
  • STORM-592 Color swatches have a lot of unused and uncustomizable space beneath them. Make it customizable
  • STORM-593 Make transparent text editor and line editor
  • STORM-560 Add Preference that allows users to select default behavior when pressing letter keys
  • STORM-616 Add a menu item for the (relatively) new Sit Down option

Bug Fixes

  • DN-132 DN-11: As a landowner I should be able to see both usernames and display names in the top scripts list so that I can know if someone is overusing region resources
  • DN-141 llGetDisplayName (and other new LSL fucntions) doesn't register (highlight in red) as an internal function in the script editor
  • DN-154 Display Names only shown in Nearby Chat History when a user logs back in even if Usernames were shown in Chat during previous session
  • DN-181 Chat & IM logs saved in unreadable .llsd instead of .txt
  • DN-188 Inspectors and Profile images not available in IM history or local chat history
  • DN-189 ??? Showing in tooltip over profile image in IM history
  • DN-190 Last name resident shown in title of IM Conference Window with no Display name
  • DN-199 Confirm LSL functions tooltips have current valid descriptions
  • ER-281 Object cache limit is too low in the viewer
  • ER-290 New motion prediction in the viewer has avatars settle a bit too deeply underground when the simulator is paused, also no angular velocity damping
  • ER-301 Adjust bandwidth throttles on server
  • EXP-195 Custom login progress screen blurry when first presented to user as the image fully loads
  • EXP-421 Notifications tab in Preferences not working properly
  • EXP-428 Display of llDialog, and some other dialogs that should not be suppressable, is broken
  • SH-115 Investigate texture related network traffic between viewer 2.x and 1.23
  • SH-178 As a non-god, I don't want to see admin options and be confused about them, but as QA I still want to be able to access admin options as non-god
  • SH-270 As a SL user, I want my speaker order settings to persist between sessions
  • SH-281 Snapshots now include viewer chrome and side panel
  • SH-325 Add terminal / to SearchURL in viewer settings.xml
  • SH-412 Viewer window blinks on sidebar expand/collpase when automatic positioning is ON
  • SNOW-140 Forced updates not working on Mac
  • SNOW-643 Water flickers and disappears in patches (Snowglobe 2.0 clone of VWR-12984)
  • STORM-36 As a User, I want to control how long a chat toast appears before it fades. Please add fade time back to Chat preferences.
  • STORM-138 [VWR-20756] As a Content Creator, I want llTextBox input support in llDialog windows so users can input text into the space allotted in that floater
  • STORM-143 Make the history search look for the previous chat log, no matter when it was
  • STORM-173 As a builder, I want to have a menu item available so that I can return object more easily to their owner
  • STORM-184 Save is enabled for outfits consisting of original items
  • STORM-194 'Show' button of inventory offer doesn't open 'My Inventory' SP if attachments from 'Cardboard Boxbot' were shared
  • STORM-224 Change label "Fabric" to read "Texture"
  • STORM-255 As a user i would like to disable incoming group/im toasts from showing up
  • STORM-258 [NAME] text instead Users name is shown when user recieves offer friendship
  • STORM-261 In V2.2.0 Script Editor, cannot see any line numbers other than the current one
  • STORM-263 Cog button in lower-left of sidebar panel does not close popup menu on second click
  • STORM-270 'Favorites' folder doesn't get re-ordered if reorder landmarks on Favorites bar
  • STORM-281 World Map FOV frustum is offset when UI size != 1.0
  • STORM-283 Unable to drag some objects from Library into COF folder
  • STORM-284 The "+" sign appears when user tries to drop a landmark to Favorites bar from in-world object contents
  • STORM-287 Unable to drag outfit folder from Library into COF folder
  • STORM-293 Friend permissions icons overlap long names on 'My Friends' tab
  • STORM-294 Selection goes out of Favorites overflow list if scroll it by keyboard
  • STORM-296 Cursor doesn't change when trying to drag and drop non-landmark items into Favorites folder
  • STORM-297 "<nolink> " text appears in confirmation message, if there is "<" symbol in Landmarks name
  • STORM-303 Favorites folder content isn't refreshed while re-ordering landmaks
  • STORM-306 Water flickers (turns briefly black) if atmospheric shaders are disabled
  • STORM-311 "Share" button is enabled if select non worn wearable and wear it
  • STORM-316 Debug: Inventory.Folders by Name/Sort by Date/Sort by Name/System Folders to Top Do not apply and settings changes do not persist after relogging
  • STORM-318 The Advanced menu can not be activated under Linux
  • STORM-322 Group Member Search: gives more entries than the search string suggests
  • STORM-335 Group name SLURL isn't clickable in the About Land > General tab
  • STORM-344 Speak button label is shrunk when bottom bar has enough space for displaying full Speak label
  • STORM-350 INVENTORY ICON for SOUND type item showing as TEXTURE ICON
  • STORM-390 "Place Profile" appears instead of "Resident Profile" after clicking on user name in NearBy Chat Toast
  • STORM-400 Trash button not responding on People > My Friends tab
  • STORM-402 People you interacted via IM chat floater are not shown in Recent tab
  • STORM-417 [SNOW-140] Port to SG 2.0 : Forced updates not working on Mac
  • STORM-418 Develop > XUI > Save to XML and Develop > XUI > Load from XML do nothing
  • STORM-419 [SNOW-422] Port to SG 2.0: <anonymous> ' is used uninitialized in the function in lldarray.h
  • STORM-420 [SNOW-322] Port to SG 2.0: Improve double-click handling of the MiniMap
  • STORM-422 Disable crashlogger via client parameters
  • STORM-423 Wrong string raw_file in strings.xml for RAW file
  • STORM-426 Menu button looks as being pressed while its menu is displayed by another control
  • STORM-432 Trash button in People > My Friends tab can be moved
  • STORM-450 Incorrect help contexts for Sidebar People tab
  • STORM-451 URL-like object name is displayed as HTTP url in the llGiveInventory discard notification
  • STORM-454 Z coordinate still wrong after supposedly fixing "VWR-17028: World Map in the Viewer2 needs a way to type in region coordinates"
  • STORM-456 Two space chars are presented in 'conference-title-incoming' text for Polish language
  • STORM-459 Delete outfit confirmation message doesn'r appear if use context or gear menu on 'My Outfits' tab
  • STORM-461 SP icons are shown in the Mouselook mode
  • STORM-480 Clean up LLDir code
  • STORM-482 Local chat bar limited to 254 characters
  • STORM-488 Place profile opens if click on object SLURL in the plain text chat log
  • STORM-489 Context menu for HTTP url opens if right-click on URL-like named object
  • STORM-501 [VWR-17751] Script-editor shows ERRORS in the wrong line with Viewer 2.0.0 Beta
  • STORM-517 There is no warning message that viewer requires restart for taking effect while changing language
  • STORM-530 Drop-down menu can not be opened by 'Down' keyboard key if bottom menu item was selected before
  • STORM-536 Unable to scroll to collapsed accordion tab with keyboard arrows in Places SP > My Landmarks
  • STORM-556 People Filter is discarded after docking People floater
  • STORM-572 Layout cleanup in the Sound & Media tab of Preferences
  • STORM-577 Classifieds description limited to 64 characters
  • STORM-578 SLURL font color in the nearby chat toast doesn't respect Chat preferences
  • STORM-580 Changing IM font color Preferences doesn't affect IM/Group chats
  • STORM-582 Take movement and camera control preferences from Advanced and move them to the new Move & View tab
  • STORM-654 Person to Person chat logs are not created if Display Names are off
  • STORM-667 Nametag barely readable due to poor contrast
  • STORM-671 Duplicated XUI ID in floater_preferences.xml, Duplicate node exists: id=pref[label]
  • STORM-672 Duplicated XUI ID in panel_preferences_graphics1.xml
  • STORM-674 2 duplicated XUI IDs in panel_preferences_color.xml
  • STORM-716 Dropdowns (combo boxes) open when a modifier key is pressed, blocking use of shift and ctrl keys

Translation and Localization Updates

  • CT-633 Translate Viewer 2.3 Set19
  • PLAT-40 Installing Polish Viewer ends up getting Danish
  • STORM-189 [TRUNCATION] many langs - select build tools dialog
  • STORM-190 [TRUNCATION] many langs -- "Next Owner:" in floatear_bulk_perms.xml
  • STORM-354 [TRUNCATION] Many Langs - build tools "Click to:" combobox
  • STORM-449 I18N - (NL) Resident name is shown as [FIRST] [LAST] in any notification
  • STORM-531 There is no text on Danish Quit confirmation message
  • STORM-563 I18N - Online/Offline notifications in many langs display [FIRST][LAST]

Source and Build Changes

  • STORM-406 [VWR-23455] As an Open Source Developer, I would like to have the ability to use Fmod if I all ready have the needed files
  • STORM-477 Add test code for LLDir::getNextFileInDir()
  • STORM-480 Clean up LLDir code

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Known Issues


Mac OSX 10.4 Unable to Run Viewers 2.3.0 and 2.4.0

  • STORM-790 Viewer 2.3 and 2.4 don't run on Mac OSX 10.4 (Tiger) - Intel Macs running OSX 10.4 will be unable to run Second Life Viewers 2.3.0 and 2.4.0. This issue is a side-effect of the fix for the anti-aliasing bug SH-392.

Display Names and Usernames Appear as "???"

  • DN-202 Display Name and Username showing as ??? - While we've made some progress in addressing this issue, we are still working hard on identifying the root cause of this problem, as not all Residents with Display Names enabled are encountering it.

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Supported Viewers


With this release, we support the latest Second Life Releases, Viewer 2.4.0 (216989), Viewer 2.3.0 (214726), Viewer 2.2.0 (212097), Viewer 2 Version 2.1.1 (208043) [to be deprecated mid-January 2011], the 1.23 Second Life Release (1.23.5), and Second Life Beta Viewer 2.4.0 (216393).