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Please see the Known Issues for important information and limitations.

Release Notes for v3.3.3 (260300) - Second Life Viewer

Released June 25, 2012

Installer Downloads

Windows | Mac | Linux

Resolved Issues

  • CHOP-900 on windows, the second life installer fails while writing to files
  • CHUI-54 Inventory sorting Recent broken in 3.2.8
  • EXP-1550 New tag shown and not removed on click when rezzing an item from Received Items panel and taking back into inventory.
  • MAINT-62 [PUBLIC] Fix calls to LLDir::deleteFilesInDir() in llappviewer.cpp.
  • MAINT-95 [PUBLIC] Fix call to LLDir::deleteFilesInDir() in mac_updater.cpp.
  • MAINT-117 [PUBLIC] Unable to login with minimized viewer
  • MAINT-141 [PUBLIC] Fix incorrect masks passed to LLDirIterator in Linux background updater.
  • MAINT-180 [PUBLIC] Lindens override busy mode if they talk in group chat
  • MAINT-261 [PUBLIC] Inworld Object inspector not properly caching data
  • MAINT-272 [PUBLIC] Viewer crashes while operation with Upload animation dialog for certain animation file
  • MAINT-290 [PUBLIC] Take object (which belongs to another avatar) does not work
  • MAINT-405 [PUBLIC] Ctrl W does not properly close IM tabs using tabbed IM in 2.x/3.x
  • MAINT-424 [PUBLIC] IM-window loses focus when tab is closed
  • MAINT-463 [PUBLIC] URL-name of object is shown as hyperlink in Report Abuse window
  • MAINT-701 crash at LLCurl::Multi::markDead()
  • MAINT-708 Use texture compression to save VRAM and make up for places where the viewer blows its budget
  • MAINT-771 Sculpty objects with a large surface area can crash video drivers.
  • MAINT-778 [PUBLIC] Crash enabling Debug GL (mobile intel 4 series)
  • MAINT-784 [PUBLIC] Inventory filter does not yield any result when switching from 'Since Logoff' to 'Hours Ago' or 'Days Ago'
  • MAINT-789 [PUBLIC] Button "Buy" isn't work in Object profile
  • MAINT-792 [PUBLIC] Viewer crashed at 16X AA setting after restarting on Asus X52F laptop and prevented user from starting again
  • MAINT-804 [PUBLIC] Screen does black/white split after user enables Lighting and Shadows
  • MAINT-806 Graphical corruption occurs if detail set to high or ultra on ATI x800
  • MAINT-807 [PUBLIC] Button Clear history from Preferences isn't clear last teleport
  • MAINT-808 [PUBLIC] Graphics problem with Ultra setting and advanced features on Ubuntu Linux with GeForce 6600 graphics
  • MAINT-809 [PUBLIC] Setting 16x antialiasing crashes Viewer in Ubuntu 11.10 with GeForce 6600
  • MAINT-810 LLRenderTarget is crashy
  • MAINT-813 [crashhunters] crash at LLViewerRegion::getPosGlobalFromRegion
  • MAINT-830 [PUBLIC] "Items successfully shared" appears even when share fails
  • MAINT-845 [PUBLIC] New item in Recent with collapsed folders tab causes first folder (in Recent) to expand, even if object goes to different folder
  • MAINT-852 [PUBLIC] Cannot delete object description.
  • MAINT-853 Audit sendListToRegions() function calls and fix leaks
  • MAINT-862 [PUBLIC] Sounds aren't played at first attempt
  • MAINT-938 Make debit-permissions dialog give a stronger warning
  • MAINT-1092 Rebaking avatar textures with basic shaders enabled makes the torso pink and breaks alpha layers.
  • MAINT-1144 [crashhunters] crash at LLPluginProcessParent::idle()
  • SH-795 Level of Detail parameter values do not update in display when toggling between different LODs with different selected parameter values
  • SH-2668 "ocean" water is always 20m high instead of the Region Water Height
  • SH-2689 my mesh outfit did not appear when I wore it.
  • SH-2968 As a developer, I would like to be sure the viewer log is tracking information related to avatar rezzing
  • SH-2941 crash at LLCurl::Easy::~Easy()
  • SH-2970 initial logging of avatar rezzing metrics to server
  • SH-3018 As a code maintainer, I would like to get rid of obsolete texture diagnostics
  • SH-3020 texture stopped loading
  • SH-3039 Back-end support for avatar metrics
  • SH-3040 Diagnose inventory cache issues
  • SH-3041 Add caching for hash to texture id mapping
  • SH-3044 Allow avatar logging to be non-verbose (pre-merge-down)
  • SH-3047 Test different strategies for downloading progressive image data to make sure we actually have the requested LOD
  • SH-3050 Preparse the j2c codestream and extract the resolution boundaries
  • SH-3060 Implement and test the new byte range computation
  • SH-3064 Add metrics - stats for time-to-decloud for surrounding non-self avs
  • SH-3065 Investigate fixes for out-of-order operations on startup
  • SH-3071 Increase HTTP concurrency to improve texture fetching performance
  • SH-3072 do not pause texture fetching when FPS is low.
  • SH-3074 clear ghost and stale texture fetching requests in time
  • SH-3075 Fix the KDU compression code: fix reversible image coding, fix small image coding
  • SH-3080 Lower required byte range on already cached data for a given discard level
  • SH-3081 Allow faster discard level marching when the camera is not moving
  • SH-3086 As a viewer architect, I would like to understand how fast each of the components of the texture pipeline can run in isolation
  • SH-3091 Add ability to flush all texture data from memory on demand
  • SH-3097 Calculate all required texture data in frustum, report total memory required as function of desired texel density, and generate list of texture UUIDs/discard levels to process
  • SH-3104 Perform HTTP requests for all desired texture data in bulk, and store to cache
  • SH-3106 Add ability to load all texture data from cache at full throttle, without decoding, or applying as GL textures
  • SH-3110 Add ability to decode texture data from one memory buffer to another, without triggering rest of image pipeline
  • SH-3112 Add ability to bind and display texture data that has been previously decoded, in batch mode
  • SH-3115 Crash on exit, curl handles not empty
  • SH-3118 implement a debug console for SH-3086
  • SH-3121 collect time of reloading all textures from cache and through HTTP when all objects loading are done.
  • SH-3124 Crash on quit on Mac
  • SH-3128 Reduce log spam
  • SH-3132 Many "HTTP GET failed errors" with Drano merge candidate 255539
  • STORM-1819 Ternary/graded shadow support
  • VWR-8761 Cannot delete object description.
  • VWR-21538 SLVoice does not exit after viewer exits
  • VWR-23844 non-English (Portuguese): menu entries errors
  • VWR-26542 Wrong french translation in À propos du terrain -> Son
  • VWR-28950 Notifications.xml string: Ctrl-Shift-<something> does not reflect actual keyboard in French (and other languages)

In addition, there are a number of security issues that are resolved with this release.

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Known Issues


Direct Delivery issues with Linux viewers

  • VWR-28629 Direct Delivery Outbox fails in Linux build

Anti-aliasing issues in Ubuntu

  • MAINT-809 [PUBLIC]Setting 16x antialiasing crashes Viewer in Ubuntu 11.10 with GeForce 6600

Server release notes URL

  • SVC-7598 Error fetching server release notes URL.

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Supported Viewers


With this release, we support Second Life Release versions 3.3.3 (260300), 3.3.2 (258114), 3.3.1 (254524), and Second Life Beta Viewer version 3.3.3 (259953). For more information, please go to the Supported Viewers wiki page.