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Welcome to the Resident Help Network Portal!

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The Resident Help Network is a listing of "the best of the best" volunteer-run help groups inworld through a cohesive network. These groups are listed in the Destination Guide. The current listings are especially helpful to new Residents. RHN groups can assist quickly and offer the high-quality help needed. Give them a try!!

  • Note: This page no longer accepts additional members.
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Category: New Resident Help

The following Resident Help Network groups have a primary focus on assisting new Second Life Residents.

  • Basic Assistance Group and general discussions in the sandbox for beginners. Finding or offer Free build course! Learning Center! Main French language. (English, German or other languages welcome)
  • Help Sandbox Sandbox Information

Hobo Helpers

  • This group will maintain open enrollment and present easy opportunities for newcomers to join and to send IMs to request help. Along with Hobo Junction, we are a community working together to build the kind of virtual village we want to live in.
  • Cookie Town Center, Calleta's Hobo Railroad Info Hub.
  • Hobo Helpers Information page - Hobo Helpers HQ, Cookie
  • MENTORING is our number one priority, MM provides Volunteer Mentors with a support environment conducive to volunteering. Our Resident Help Group is a community of people who have passion and determination to diligently help New and Existing residents with a focus on the New User Experience and improve Second Life one resident at a time.
  • Mental Mentors Info Page
  • NCI is a voluntary association, dedicated to providing information, education and assistance to Second Life users (new and old), in order to maximize the benefits that they can gain from Second Life.
  • 4 major sites (Kuula, Hamnida, NCI Dream Seeker, Fishermans Cove), 18 minor sites stocked with information and freebies, 60+ free class and event sessions per week, 15 in-world groups. Live help via IM. 1:1 mentoring.


  • Provides help and support for Second Life residents, including multi-language support.
  • Provides a friendly and informative point of contact for the diverse range of issues and questions posed by Second Life residents.
  • Phoenix Wave team Information page

SecondAbility Mentors

  • SecondAbility Mentors group provides training for dedicated volunteers on how to appropriately assist real-life disabled individuals as they gain entrance into Second Life.
  • Trained SecondAbility Mentors provide encouragement and assistance with a wide variety of issues that disabled residents may encounter, including understanding in-world behaviors and overcoming technical issues to the degree possible. SecondAbility Mentors also provide referral services to residents in helping them find the most appropriate on-going groups and services.
  • SecondAbility Mentors Information page
  • Virtual Ability enables people with a wide range of disabilities by providing a supporting environment for them to enter and thrive in online virtual worlds like Second Life.
  • We help our new members integrate into SL society and provide information, encouragement, training, companionship, referrals to other SL resources and groups,
  • Whether you have a disability or not, if you have questions or want to get involved, please contact or join us!
  • Virtual Ability Information page
  • Active Volunteers providing high standard and multi-language support for Second Life Residents in need, new and seasoned. Members have to abide by the Second Life Terms of Service and Community Standards.
  • At least six months of practice in Second Life® is required to apply as White Tiger Mentor Apprentice via Notecard sent to the Owners. Linguist role available for qualified Mentors. This is a Q & A group (General rated).
  • White Tiger Mentors Information page