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This page is the summary for the Help Sandbox group in order to view the complete documentation of the groups activities.


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Founder / Total groupe Member

Surfaqua Oh 1773

Last update: 04.14.2011


Mission Focus & Statement
  • We are a group (Non-Profit) of volunteers who instruct and advise simultaneously, with an interactive approach for new and old residents.

This group is based on a community collaboration of many other groups:

Evenementia, FRANCE3D, Support Francophone, Sculpting tutorial & resources ...

We support and encourage artists to acquire new skills .. We provide our assistance and expertise to educate new and old residents. Access to free courses for all and making available resources and freebies. Our goal is to develop learning and creativity in Second Life. We strive to make learning in Second Life as interesting as possible and available to all. We encourage students to explore and develop creations at their own pace.

How to join the group? Free Registration - Members agree not to spam the group.


Group Charter Helper & Sandbox Charter
* This group is multilingual.

You can find Greeters and Helpers who will answer you in English, French and German. Group of basic assistance and general discussions on sandboxes for beginners where to find free classes to learn how to build. You can share scripts, ideas, tips, textures ... and / or help each other, but also seek help. No advertising or selling.

  • It is prohibited to use the list of this group to spam or send invitations to other groups!

* The hours of courses and places will be sent directly to the group by the teachers with a notice or on the chat group .

To submit your course, please please ask permission to group managers and owners. Please specify the course name, date, time (SL Time and European) and place on a memo to managers of the group. The Helpers and the Greeters should under no circumstances teleport people seeking help with the group, but they must move themselves. Only URLs of web sites and forums are allowed on the chat group when help or free resources. You can find a list of the sandboxed partners participating in the group below. The helpers and mentors can also help all other sandbox.

Charter of the volunteer::

1) Compliance: No politics or religion, not aggressive or offensive to members or volunteers of the group.

2) Humble and unobtrusive. We will not help your own interests.

3) Courtesy: Friendly, helpful and patient even in the most difficult situations.

4) Collaboration: We work and we help each other.

5) Honest: We inspire trust and we will respect the TOS of Second Life.

6) Multilingual: The helpers can speak in the language of their choice: English, French or other but must make an effort not to speak SMS.

7) Humor: We will not be voluntary in the moments when we have a good spirit, we keep our sense of humor even when blow.

8) Fun: We help members of the group just for fun and without waiting to return them.

9) Liability: Applications to become a helper will be considered after a period of observation for several days / weeks.

10) Volunteers who will not follow the charter of the volunteer will be discarded without warning.

Contact Iko Aker, Lalabel Demina, or Surfaqua Oh|-


Role of volunteers:

*MENTOR / *HELPER: The helpers are there to help on the sandbox or group. The helpers must mention one or two of these languages: French, English The helpers must know a minimum about the different functions of the Second Life software and some knowledge of general assistance.

*GREETER: The role of greeters is special: the greeters can improve communication and promotion of group activities and resources has made available free to members of the group (website, courses and competitions, freebies) The Greeters must be motivated, open, sociable, available and loving human contact. The Greeters are responsible for active volunteers and continue to improve the center's objectives by learning their ideas and their actions. The Greeters must be available and is mainly on the grounds Help Sandbox:

- FRANCE3D Toulouse ( Learning Center)

- FRANCE3D Marseille ( sandbox )

- Auric (sandbox )

registration for greeter's role

The greeters are invited to the group, welcome, advise members before, during and outside of class but also in the group. The greeters must be able to respond to questions from members of groups or counsel them and redirect the helpers if they do not know the answer. Languages: English and / or French

*Professor / Teacher Provides ongoing support members on the group Language required: French and / or English

Course location:

- FRANCE3D Toulouse ( Learning Center)


- FRANCE3D Toulouse ( Petit parc - School)

- List of volunteer


Free Services Group Resources
  • Courses: of scripts, sculpty build, texture and Tricks
  • Many sandbox available free at several locations.
  • Free Contest

Group Representatives / Group Documentarians :



  • snoop.acoustic: FR
  • Willo Congrejo Language: FR-EN
  • * chapichapo Delvalle


  • Melfice Miles
  • Willo Congrejo FR- EN
  • Allyson Caramel
  • chapichapo Delvalle
  • franquettedupuis
  • Nejma Kabila
  • schrodinger.gynoid
  • eldiablo Wilkinson


  • hasuky
  • Mathilde Coba
  • Curdan Ohmai
  • yoshi57
  • luis Widdershins
  • meta Frakture
  • BanzZzai
  • Caitlin Edenbaum


  • PouletFritesMayO Boucher (MESH)
  • franquettedupuis (SCRIPT)
  • chapichapo Delvalle (BUILD)
  • bethlise.lorgsval
  • Calamity Braveheart
  • Wanted Earst
  • Carl Landfall
  • cameronmitchell21
  • Curdan Ohmai
  • schrodinger.gynoid
  • Nejma Kabila


  • Wednesday, February 23, 2011 21h/europe 12pm/sl

French discussion. You are all invited to a discussion regarding the classification of tutorials on the site of This discussion will allow us to consider your ideas, suggestions and criticism to develop a better classification of our tutorials. More information on the forum:

Partners List

New partnerships may be accepted or declined at the group's sole discretion.
Applicable Rules: No selling, soliciting, gambling or spamming! No firing weapon,
caging, pushing or orbiting! No sexual activity or behavior.

Sandbox . . . . . . . . . Library script or sculpty

Link-icon3.jpg Sandbox Auric Language: All 2042sqm Autoreturn: 240 m.

Link-icon3.jpg Sandbox Sentu Novio Language: French 4320sqm Autoreturn: 180 m.

Link-icon3.jpg Help Sandbox School

Link-icon3.jpg Sandbox Aqualand Language: All 4160sqm Autoreturn: 280 m.

Link-icon3.jpg Sandbox - Help Sandbox - Marseille Language: All 3568sqm Autoreturn: 250 m.
Sandbox-marseille.jpg .

Link-icon3.jpg Sculptie tutorial & ressource Language: All
Sandbox (only for groupe) sculpties mono-prim
free lessons beginner
(soft map creation textures) instructive panels

Link-icon3.jpg Librairie scripts & sculpty Language: fr
Tutoriel free scripts, free sculptys, free sounds Library-script-sculpty2.jpg

Other Cool Sandboxes*.
*The following are not members of the Help Sandbox Group. Please comply to their respective rules or covenants.

All Language

- 21872sqm

- Autoreturn: 240 min.

- 11792sqm

- Autoreturn: 300 min.

German Sandbox

Yedo Yokohama closed

French Sandboxes

- 65536sqm

- Autoreturn: 300 min.

- 4368 sqm

- Autoreturn: 180 min.

- 6624 sqm

- Autoreturn: 180 min.

Coming soon

- sqm

- Autoreturn: