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Roads on Satori (The "Japanese continent") comprise : Routes 8/8A/8B/8C and an offshoot, the Old Wagon Road  : Konichiwa!

Because of it's shape many call this the "Japanese" continent. With that in mind the roads and public buildings along these roads have an eastern stylistic flair. Originally the roads were supposed to connect, but due to mistakes when the land was divided as the regions were brought online many of the routes end in abrupt dead ends. A system of false tunnels and billboards at dead ends will offer teleports when touched to allow travelers to easily keep exploring the road network without having to backtrack or search the map for where the road picks up again.

Route8.jpg click image for larger version

Route 8

Bagheera Shelter.jpg

Route 8 Bagheera shelter, Bahheera

The Bagheera shelter at the end of the road is the perfect starting point for any exploration of the land. On the back wall is a large map of the continent showing the location of all the main routes; 8, 8A, 8B, 8C, and the Old Wagon Road. Smaller versions of this building exist all along the routes at various points to give explores an idea where they are on the overall map and to provide "rest stops".

Davros RT8-8C Jct.jpg

Route 8 RT8-8C Junction, Davros

Turnoff point for RT8C (still under construction)

DavrosFenric bridge.jpg

Route 8 Bridge Out!, Davros/Fenric

Look out! The bridge is out! Can you drive fast enough to make the jump? Go ahead and try! ;D

Richfield RT8-8A Jct.jpg

Route 8 RT8-8A Junction, Richfield

Southern junction with RT8A. Small rest stop with a lighted lamppost, sitting area and map kiosk.

Cipactli RT8-8B Jct.jpg

Route 8 RT8-8B Junction, Cipactli

Connection with RT8B, just south of the Furki Rest Stop on RT8B/8A.

Toroge Kiosk.jpg

Route 8 Toroge Kiosk, Toroge

Westernmost point on the roadmap. Tight curve with an example of one of the small map kiosks.

Bletschorn Tunnel.jpg

Route 8 Bletschorn Tunnel, Bletschorn

False tunnel used to bypass Damastock. Touching the lanterns at the tunnel entrance will take you to the other side in Finsteraarhorn.

Finsteraarhorn Tunnel.jpg

Route 8 Finsteraarhorn Tunnel, Finsteraarhorn

Mate to the Bletschorn Tunnel. Touching the lanterns at the tunnel entrance will take you to the other side in Bletschorn.

Nadelhorn RT8-8A Jct.jpg

Route 8 RT8-8A Junction, Nadelhorn

Northern end of RT8A.

Soulgiver Tunnel.jpg

Route 8 Soulgiver Tunnel, Soulgiver

End of RT8. Touching the lanterns at the tunnel entrance will take you to RT8C in Ogilvie.

Furki Rest Area.jpg

Route 8A Furki Rest Area, Furki

Rest area along the junction between RT8A and RT8B in Furki. Plenty of places to sit, relax, and discuss which direction you want to go next! Even has a working traffic light in the intersection.

Aragonese Tunnel.jpg

Route 8A Aragonese Tunnel, Aragonese

Yep, another false tunnel. This one connects the broken halves of RT8A between Aragonese and Ellingson.

Horns of Hattin.jpg

Route 8A Falling Rocks, Horns of Hattin

One of the most difficult tasks in constructing roads is figuring out what to do in "four corner" areas where the road runs through a spot where 4 regions meet. The region crossings can be very tricky in these spots. It's best to go slow and take the crossings one at a time. In this spot, the fallen rocks divert travelers in a way to guide them through the crossing along the best and least likely to end up crashing the client fashion.


Route 8A Tawa Rest Stop, Tawa

Small rest area with a couple of benches, a map kiosk and some trees.


Route 8B Dead end, Camazotz

RT8B dead ends in Camazotz with a billboard sign that acts as a teleport link to the Old Wagon Road in Rethymno


Old Wagon Road, Rethymno

The Old Wagon Road is a two-track unimproved roadway that only spans two regions. At either end are Billboard teleporters to take you other parts of RT8.


Route 8A dead end, Ellingson

The southern half of Route 8A ends in Eliingson where you will find two teleport billboards offering to let you continue on Route 8A in Aragonese or you can choose to go to Sababurg and take the Old Wagon Road.


Route 8C Ogilvie, Valeyard/Davros

False tunnel that allows travelers to connect to RT8 in Soulgiver (if they touch the lantern on the left) or the Old Wagon Road in Sababurg (if they touch the lantern on the right).


Route 8C Valeyard/Davros Waterway, Valeyard/Davros

Rez a boat and you can travel between Valeyard and Davros just before RT8C meets RT8.

Technical Data

Road measurements for Satori

The following numbers are distances measured in km, with an error of 5%.

Main road network

Soulgiver (West end)           0.00
Intersection with road 8A      3.40
Tunnel entry (start off-road)  3.92
Tunnel exit (off-road)         4.23
Toroge (most Eastern point)    6.41
Intersection with road 8B     11.18
Intersection with road 8B     17.38
South bridge gap              18.90
ROUTE 8A (North)
Intersection with road 8       0.00
Intersection with road 8B      1.64
Tunnel (road end)              4.61
Intersection with road 8       0.00
Intersection with road 8A      0.29
Road end                       3.07
ROUTE 8A (South)
Intersection with road 8       0.00
Paved sector                   2.43
Road end (Ellingson)           3.26

Remote road pieces

Bridge gap                     0.00
Intersection with road 8C      0.15
Bagheera (South end)           0.92
Broken bridge (near road 8)    0.00
Road end (tunnel)              3.70
OLD WAGON ROAD (total)         0.42

Total data:

  • Total road network: 26.77 km
  • Classic road (asphalt, concrete or pavement): 26.04 km
  • Path or trail (Old Wagon Road): 0.42 km
  • Off-road (between North tunnels along road 8): 0.31 km
  • Unconnected roads: yes, 3 pieces
  • Sea access: no

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