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This article is part of the Extended Second Life Knowledge Base that includes advanced and specialized information. This information was originally provided by Linden Lab, but is not actively maintained nor guaranteed to be accurate. Linden Lab does not certify nor assume any responsibility for this information.

See the official Second Life Knowledge Base for the most current information.

This article explains the requirements for membership in the Linden Lab Solution Provider Program. You must comply with all of these requirements to be included in the Solution Provider Program and listed in the Solution Provider Directory.


  • All projects listed in the Solution Provider Directory are required to be for clients in the Second Life Grid. A project is defined as a product or service provided to a client (paid or unpaid), and can also depend on whether you're listed as full-service or specialist (see the Categories dropdown in the Solution Provider Directory for other possibilities).
  • Clients include businesses (both inworld and outside of Second Life®), organizations, educational institutions, and communities (both inworld and outside of Second Life). If you do not currently meet the criteria, and would like to learn how, please see the SDF LINK TO HOW TO BEECOME A SOLUTION PROVIDER ARTICLE
  • Submission of Solution Provider Directory entries containing the following items will not be accepted:
  • ** Projects that list the Solution Provider’s office
    • The Solution Provider's inworld portfolio
    • Other examples of work done solely for the Solution Provider submitting the listing

Second Life Account

The Second Life account under which the Solution Provider Directory listing is submitted must be in good standing, as well as all accounts affiliated with the Solution Provider that participates in the Solution Provider Program.

Trademark Compliance

None of your names, logos, or marks can contain, play on, or be confusingly similar to any Linden Lab trademark, including but not limited to:

  • "Second Life"
  • "SL"
  • "Second"
  • "Life"
  • "Linden"
  • "Second Life Grid"
  • This includes similar words in other languages (deuxième, zweite, vie, vida, etc.)

For complete information, see the Second Life Brand Center, specifically the Guidelines for Using Linden Lab’s Trademarks .

Business Information

Information about your business must be correct and kept properly updated so we can contact you. This includes:

  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Second Life account
  • Business name
  • Location(s)
  • Languages spoken

General Business Practices

The following are some general business practices all Solution Provider Program members should follow:

  • Prior to applying for the Program, you must have in place procedures for contracting, invoicing, and other necessary business communication with your clients.
  • You are expected not to create web pages that provide confusing or misleading information about
    • Your company
    • Your relationship with Linden Lab
    • Your competitors
  • You may only use the exact phrases provided by Linden Lab at your acceptance into the Solution Provider Program to describe your relationship with Linden Lab, and you must remove any use of that phrase immediately upon resignation or termination from the Program.
  • Creating webpages or using URLs that are confusingly close to those of other Solution Providers may result in removal from the Program.

Solution Provider Program Membership Obligations

The following are obligations for members of the Solution Provider Program:

  • Compliance with all Solution Provider Program requirements
  • Mandatory quarterly update of listings

Ready to Apply to the Solution Provider Program?

Please visit the submission page to apply for the Solution Provider Program, which includes listing in the Directory.