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Since the opening up of the TSL continent to the wider world, it was immediately apparent that the highway infrastructure had suffered from very little maintenance and a possibly a few violent natural disasters to boot. The moles of the LDPW are burrowing into action to correct this and give residents a much improved travelling experience.

In late 2013, the residents that lived in the days of teen grid were in less number then the residents that came later and never knew about its existence. Many of the newcomers (that are by now well-estabilished residents) simply call this continent that sharp piece of land. As a result, its name slowly changed from TSL into Sharp Continent, how it appears today on many maps.


TSL Route : The Highway


TSL Highway : Meiji East Rez Zone

A large paved area forms the terminal rez zone of the highway, adjacent to an old raceway and an ideal place to prepare your mode of transport before heading out onto the open roads. Please try and clean up your oil leaks and horse droppings before you leave.


TSL Highway : Meiji Cutting

The road passes through a cutting, roughly blasted in the past to allow easier passage. Several signs warn of rock falls here, however it is a pleasant leafy place from which to climb a hillock and view the surrounding valleys.


TSL Highway : Meiji Steps

At the far end of the cutting, steep steps descent the valley side to a beach area on the wide river below, plenty of seating here for a picnic and whiling away some time.


TSL Highway : Meiji Beach

Sit, meditate, enjoy some quiet time by lapping waves, or take a free sailboat ride through the deep river valleys.


TSL Highway : Zaius Coast

Steep mountainous cliffs necessitate the road striking out along a viaduct, newly constructed in traditional style from locally quarried stone. This elevated section affords wide views of the northern ocean.


TSL Highway : Zaius Ridge

Regaining high ground as it crosses the valley side into Lodestone, the road doglegs as it rises and cuts through a high ridge thickly wooded with conifers.


TSL Highway : Lodestone Rez Zone

The road descends sharply from the mountain peaks to link with the Pinkwater Highway at Lodestone, another rez zone and rest point existing here for convenience.

TSL Route : Cyan Street


TSL Cyan Street : Yarmouth Rez Zone

A "T" junction marks the intersection of Cyan Street with the North Blueway, and here a Rez Zone is sited in the sim of Yarmouth.


TSL Cyan Street : Camden Rez Zone

A Rez Zone is sited here amongst some trees adjacent to the river bridge, at the foot of a steep bank up to Brighton.


TSL Cyan Street : Brighton Rez Zone

In this somewhat urban location atop the Brighton embankment is a rez zone for your convenience


TSL Cyan Street : Arpeggio Rez Zone

A rez zone is sited at a bend in the road in the sim of Arpeggio


TSL Cyan Street : Opera Rez Zone

A "T" junction here forms the point where Cyan Street meets Canyon Road.


TSL Cyan Street : Pop Rez Zone

A tree lined area forms the end of Cyan Street, the site of a Rez Zone.


TSL Cyan Street / Canyon Road : Canyon Bridge

An impressive bridge spans the deep canyon here, crossed by Cyan Street, with Canyon Road passing beneath it


TSL Canyon Road : Svecia Rez Zone

At the far end of the other spur, beneath the bridge along canyon Road, lies a Rez Zone at Svecia

Technical data

Sharp Continent road measurements

The following numbers are distances measured in km. Maximum estimated error is 5% for rural area and 10% for Sharp Bay City (the urban area).

Sharp Snowlands:

Snow Road:             0.39
Unnamed Road:          0.86
TOTAL:                 1.25

Isolated road in Snowlands:

Isolated road piece:   0.22

Main Continent:

Canyon Road:           0.52
Cyan Street:           1.93
North Blueway:         0.88
Great TSL Hihhway:     0.74
Pinkwater Road:        0.70
TOTAL:                 4.77

Sharp Bay City:

Road:                  2.50
Paths & trails:        1.70

Total data:

Road fragments:        3
Total road:            8.74
Total paths & trails:  1.70
GRAND TOTAL:           10.44

10.44 km is half of the road network of some larger continents, like Corsica, but it is very much for a tiny continent. If we notice the lack of population density and vehicles, Sharp Continent is a very good destination for car driving, horse riding or motorbike sports.

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