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History Notice

The edit history of this file couldn't be preserved. For the previous history, please look at the old backup. It is located at Project:Flagged Revs Backup/Clearing the cache.

A major edit of this page was done on this date, 9/28/2010

--Faubio Alter 17:29, 28 September 2010 (UTC)

  • Thanks for updating the wiki, Faubio, but please don't delete where step-by-step instructions are given. In this case, Residents need them to find the cache. - Torley-favicon.png on 2010-10-13 @ 7:02 AM Pacific

--Vick Forcella Jan 17 2011 --I think the reference to RAM disk can be removed. I have tried it and it causes a lag spike at log-on no matter how I configure it.