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Ey, cool. I have a Wiki page all for me alone.

What is there to say, I'm Vick Forcella. As the name says Italian origin, forever 24 years old. Last known member of the Kweyol Famiglia that made it's fortune pirating and later the rum trade.

I have my home in McFarren on the continent of Zindra and tiny store next door. You can follow me on twitter and sometimes I drop things on but that is rare.

Timezone is CET (that's Yurp, starting from 'Mercania you cross the big pond to the East till you hit land)

More info in my in-world profile.

Discuss me:
Jira me:
Mail me: mailto:vickforcella@gmail. dot com

Clean Install, Set UDP

Uninstall the viewer using the standard uninstall method.

clean install

Remove the settings and logs. (You might want to copy Chat and IM logs first)

  • Find the settings directory:
    • C:\Documents and Settings\[YOUR USERNAME]\Application Data\SecondLife\
    • or
    • C:\Users\[YOUR USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\SecondLife\
  • The directories are hidden on Windows systems, you will have to use the folder options to make the directories visible.
  • You can often see a directory above that the directories for other viewers.
  • Remove the directory SeconLife\ and directories you are sure that belong to other viewers. Do not worry about the directories. They will be recreated as soon as you start a viewer.

Remove the cache.

  • Find the cache folder, it can typically can be found here:
    • C:\Users\[YOUR USERNAME]\AppData\local\SecondLife\
    • or
    • C:\Documents and Settings\<YOUR USERNAME>\Local Settings\SecondLife\
  • Remove the SecondLife folder and the folders of other viewers.
  • Get a fresh download from your favourite viewer
  • Install the viewer

Set to UDP

  • Start the viewer
  • Enable the Debug menu by pressing Ctrl-ALT-D
  • From the Debug menu (top bar) select Show Debug Settings
  • You will receive a warning
  • Find:
  • UseHTTPInventory
  • Set that value to FALSE
  • Find:
  • ImagePipelineUseHTTP
  • Set that value to FALSE
  • Quit the viewer and restart.

Get your inventory

You now have made a clean install and have set the viewer to use the "old" internet protocol.

The HTTP/UDP options can also be set from other places however those differ from viewer to viewer and some are not visible at start-up.

Always get the inventory after clearing cache like we just did.

  • For that open the inventory and search something, doesn't matter what. You will see a number increase. Also look at Recent Items.
  • When the number stops increasing, and the number of items in your inventory looks about correct, log out, log in.

You are now ready to explore the new viewer. Don't get overwhelmed with all the options that are available.

Welcome back to SL :)

About Cache

Setting a large cache doesn't improve performance. It will do the opposite. The viewer keeps an index on what is in the cache and where. The larger the cache the more work the viewer has to do to maintain the index and it takes longer to find stuff.

A cache with a size of about 1024MB is optimum for most systems.

Do not clear cache when there is no reason to. It will just give you lag and a reload of everything. The only real reason to clear cache is when you had a forced log-off. That can corrupt the cache.

When you run different viewers never let them share one cache location. The viewer can get very confused, might even lock up.

It's ok to have one cache for several avatars as long as it's on one viewer.

About Bandwidth

When you have a high speed internet connection you are tempted to increase bandwith to the max. Don't. The bottleneck is not your connection, it's the Linden Lab connection and the route in between. The only result you will have with a high bandwith is a mixup of stuff send by Linden Lab and received by you. That will result in requesting new and resending.

So setting a high value for bandwith will cause lag, not only for you but for all that are connected on that server. Set it at or below 3000 kbps unless you have a direct connection with the Linden Lab servers.