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Nice to see the client open sourced.

Vicero Lambert: OMG I'M SO PUMPED!!!!! lol Thank you so much linden labs for releasing the viewer source :-D

Vincent Nacon: yay.... open source... but, I don't see anyone actually talking about "doing" something with it at the moment.

I guess I'll just pop the balloons and get on with it. So we need something to focus on one idea at a time. I bet some of you would say "let's fix all their stupid bugs/glitches", but let's not jump on too soon since you guys may have no clue what is causing them. Best to work on something to add in, in meanwhile, we may understand their source a little bit better before we're good enough to fix everything.

Let's try improving the inventory. Should be simple to tweak with, no?

Allow bigger and wider area along with a folder viewer to move things around more easily, something similar to Windows Explorer. Defines with arranging to a list, date/modified, tile, icons, or details.

I know some of you would suggest about thumbnails for textures... but that might be a bad idea, since it would force a bottleneck load of images coming in when viewing a very big folder of textures. Unless there's any way to control the detail level of load?

That's all from me now. Come jump in, kids.

Just wondering why X3D wasn't used to implement SL

It may simply have been a matter of timing, but if there were other reasons I am interested in finding them out. Thanks. Solar Tone

I'm going to put forth a number of conjectures as to why.
  1. SL predates X3D
  2. By writing their own standard, they did not have to worry about compliance.
  3. Bandwidth: SL's prim spec is tight; topping out a few hundred bytes it can define very complex prims.
    • XML is bandwidth intensive.
Strife Onizuka 18:35, 11 March 2007 (PDT)

Access to 2nd life with Virtual Machines (VMWare) and lighter interface

I noticed that SL client is very picky when accepting to operate with a Graphic Card.

Can the opensource version be simplified so to accept to run on easier graphic cards, possibly under vmware?

Also simplified client might be useful for "demo" readonly no modify tours in 2nd life possibly without even complex commands on our avatar. Just to have a look inside.

Such kind of lighter avatars might be "signalled" in the other users screens in a special way (transparent or sketched shapes? phantoms?) Just an idea, and sorry if this might be off-scope here. Salahzar Stenvaag 03:41, 21 May 2007 (PDT)