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Hi, please contact me about an important issue regarding your use of litesim's code. IM me inworld (Gareth Ellison) or email me at

Salahzar_Stenvaag didn't and do not have rights to sell " (MindMap 3D) v1.0.18 (MONO)" object on [1] and [2] because it's a violation of CreativeCommons by-nc-sa license and Linden Lab Official KB: Intellectual Property Vision Raymaker 21:15, 26 April 2010 (UTC)

Reply by Salahzar. I did indeed distribute for free (as allowed by the CC creative commons) the object in question during the most of 2009 since many people asked me the "originale" which I distributed freely to allow people to understand how it differed from the new free object I developed in 2009 and distributed free for SLOODLE which is a GNU and even more strict license.

On December 2009, after the new policy set by Lindens which didn't allow for distribution of free objects, I stopped any activity in XStreet removing from the "sales" ALL the free objects, including the MindMapped indicated by Vision. But some of the links apparently even if dead appeared "on sale" at 50 L$ (even if the object was NOT sold), due to some nonfunctional software from Linden Labs, allowing to access objects NOT ON SALE.

After the report from Vision I checked and found that the object was not on sale but erroneously reachable and so I removed any residual entry I had in XStreet to prevent this kind of "errors" from the XStreetSL programmers. Salahzar Stenvaag 09:25, 9 May 2010 (UTC)