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This template is intended to be used to encourage users of the SL Wiki (Residents and Lindens alike!) to be more careful about their edits. Show Preview and Show Changes are two buttons available when editing an article that help you see what your edits look like before committing them, as well as helping you identify typos or accidental deletion of another users' edits.

Common Mistakes

  • Correcting a spelling/grammar error and not marking the edit as minor.
  • Committing an edit without previewing it, then having to make another edit to correct something.
  • Making individual edits to several sections of an article, when a single edit would be sufficient.
  • Forgetting to leave an edit summary.

Making too many edits than are needed when a single edit would suffice also needlessly fills up the edit history, Recent Changes and Watch List pages.

Making Large Edits ?

When making edits in several sections of a large article, Show Changes will help you keep track of the changes you made throughout the article.

You'll find Show Preview to be useful in giving you an overview of how your changes look without having to commit them to the article.

Making Small Edits ?

If you're correcting someone else's edits for spelling or grammar, consider using the check box labelled This is a minor edit.

The Recent Changes and Watch List pages both have options to hide minor edits, so indicating an edit to an article is minor is beneficial to users of the SL Wiki who want to keep an eye on talk page responses or large structural changes to an article.