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Flag Description Scope
CHANGED_INVENTORY 0x001 Prim inventory has changed[1]. prim
CHANGED_COLOR 0x002 Prim color or alpha parameters have changed. prim
CHANGED_SHAPE 0x004 Prim shape has changed. prim
CHANGED_SCALE 0x008 Prim scale has changed. prim
CHANGED_TEXTURE 0x010 Prim texture parameters have changed. prim
CHANGED_LINK 0x020 The number of prims making up the object or avatars seated on the object have changed. object
CHANGED_ALLOWED_DROP 0x040 A user other than the owner (or the owner if the object is no-mod) has added inventory to the prim. prim
CHANGED_OWNER 0x080 The object has changed owners. object
CHANGED_REGION 0x100 The object has changed region. object
CHANGED_TELEPORT 0x200 The avatar to whom this object is attached has teleported. object
CHANGED_REGION_START 0x400 The region this object is in has just come online. region
CHANGED_MEDIA 0x800 Prim Media has changed. prim
CHANGED_RENDER_MATERIAL 0x1000 Render Material has changed. Caveat: This parameter will be supported in the upcoming GLTF Materials project. Currently it will only work in supported testing areas with a supported test viewer. prim
  1. ^ CHANGED_INVENTORY won't be triggered if the inventory change was caused by a script function or a user taking advantage of llAllowInventoryDrop