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Constant: integer CHANGED_OWNER = 0x80;

The integer constant CHANGED_OWNER has the value 0x80

The object has changed owners. This event occurs in the original object when a user takes it or takes a copy of it or when the owner deeds it to a group. The event occurs in the new object when it is first rezzed.

Counter-intuitively, this event also occurs in the original object when it is purchased or a copy of it is purchased (although the original object does not in fact change owner). The event does not occur in the original object when its contents are purchased.

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    changed(integer change)
        if (change & CHANGED_OWNER) //note that it's & and not &&... it's bitwise!
            llOwnerSay("The owner of the object has changed.");

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   CHANGED_OWNER in LSL script always triggered when detaching and attaching again an object


integer CHANGED_OWNER = 0x80;