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METAbolt METAbolt

KBcaution.png   No longer actively maintained

Links Contacts
Support Email: luke at vistalogic dot co dot uk
Second Life Contact: Legolas Luke

Platforms: Windows Windows


METAbolt is a text client with rich features to enable users to perform most important functions in SL.

The aim of METAbolt is to provide a thin client which people can use:

  • at work
  • on the move
  • on low spec machines
  • on low/metered internet bandwidth
  • to keep connected to SL while working on processor intensive software such as Photoshop, Visual Studio and many others
  • PC/Laptops with no graphics cards or with SL incompatible graphics cards
  • to run useful bots such as customer services, modelling, security and direct group invites.

METAbolt is fully accessible and compatible with JAWS.

METAbolt works in SL as well as any other grids based on OpenSIM. However, METAbolt is primarily developed for SL.


Disclaimer: Linden Lab makes no representations or warranties regarding any of the listed viewers or developers. These third-party viewers are not affiliated with or overseen by Linden Lab. Please take reasonable precautions, including virus scanning, before installing and using any of the listed viewers.