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The former Aimee Linden, this page is seriously in need of an update.

Builder and co-owner of the Carpe Diem Gallery[1], with my partner Trinity Dechou.

SL Open Source Special Interests

  1. The Snowglobe project.
  2. Joystick/Space Navigator support or other alternate input devices (see VWR-6363 and VWR-8465).
  3. Mapping (VWR-11548).
  4. Anything to do with the Mac OSX client.

Viewer Patches Submitted


  1. VWR-7800 : Maintain the camera position when leaving flycam mode until the avatar moves (needs some more work).
  2. VWR-5308 : More efficient wind synthesis algorithm (with Gigs Taggart) now needs reworking to fit OpenAL.
  3. VWR-4137 : Use ISO 8601 date format in the group info window, to ensure correct list sorting (should really be extended to use ISO 8601 throughout the client).
  4. VWR-675 : In client maths parser.

Imported to some internal branch somewhere (Hopefully to emerge in a future viewer sometime)

  1. VWR-11100 : Prevent Space Navigator left button toggling flycam when the window is not in focus.
  2. VWR-10990 : Vestigial reference to friends_only_check in llprefsvoice.cpp
  3. VWR-10717 : Right Space Navigator button should toggle fly in avatar movement mode, instead of jump, when auto-fly is off.
  4. VWR-9352 : Prim falls to 256m when moved off world.
  5. VWR-6432 : Makes it possible to fly or drive vehicles with the joystick.

Committed to SnowGlobe 1.3

  1. SNOW-188/VWR-13221 : Allow panning of the mini-map.

Committed to SnowGlobe 1.2

  1. SNOW-231/VWR-14711 : WaitNextEvent is now deprecated
  2. SNOW-227/SNOW-42/VWR-15454 : Eliminite harmless warnings building mac-updater (remove deprecated Apple FSCopyObject code).
  3. SNOW-220/VWR-14712 : GL_COLOR_INDEX8_EXT Not defined.
  4. SNOW-210/VWR-11111 : Const correctness issues compiling with GCC4.2 on the Mac.
  5. SNOW-190/VWR-13516 : Fix warning "createDummyWidget: Making dummy text named ne_label in mini_mapview"
  6. SNOW-159/VWR-14087 : Add GT 120 and GT 130 to the table of supported GPUs

Committed to SnowGlobe 1.1

  1. SNOW-79/VWR-12631 : Provide a setting to adjust the maximum size of objects displayed on the minimap.
  2. SNOW-78/VWR-6918 : Add a menu option to hide selection outlines.
  3. SNOW-71/VWR-14278 : Gesture auto-completion adds uncommitted suggestions to the line editor history.
  4. SNOW-69/VWR-14267 : Clicking send in an IM window does not add the sent text to the line editor history.
  5. SNOW-68/VWR-13227 : Mini-map text labels incorrectly shown in black on the silver skin.
  6. SNOW-67/VWR-4106 : Mini-map beacon icon doesn't display correctly when beacon position above or below camera.

In SnowGlobe 1.0

  1. VWR-12748 : Increase MiniMap zoom range, and magnify avatar markers at higher zoom levels.
  2. VWR-12696 : Minimap object overlay blurred, or only rendered within a restricted area after resizing the floater.
  3. VWR-8008 : Drop-down to select preset aspect ratios in texture and snapshot preview floaters.

In the 1.23.4 Release Viewer

  1. VWR-11844 : MiniMap - Conversion to XUI, and code clean-up.
  2. VWR-11453 : Relative path to fmod_hidden_symbols.exp breaks Makefiles build on the Mac.
  3. VWR-9255 : Open source build fails on mac_updater and mac_crash_logger targets due to info.plist problems.
  4. VWR-8482 : Exit flycam mode when the joystick is disabled.
  5. VWR-8430 : Various improvements to the land tools floater.
  6. VWR-8341 : Indicator button for flycam mode.
  7. VWR-7383 : Wakes from AFK when moving the joystick, preventing sleeping avatars walking around!
  8. VWR-6583 : Turns manipulation of objects with the joystick in build mode off by default.
  9. VWR-6550 : Makes the avatar run when you push the SN harder.
  10. VWR-6482 : Enables the full range of motion when walking (i.e. allows walking diagonally etc.)
  11. VWR-6360 : Makes the autofly option also apply to the joystick and makes it jump in no-fly areas.
  12. VWR-6358 : Adds OK and Cancel buttons to the joystick setup window.
  13. VWR-6354 : Stops the jump button interrupting other movements.
  14. VWR-6348 : Allows the joystick to be used to move the avatar while in build mode.
  15. VWR-4083 : Clicking "Land and L$" tab in group info window crashes the viewer.
  16. VWR-3903 : Object layer on the mini-map misaligned.
  17. VWR-3336 : Fix to display friends on the mini-map in yellow instead of green.
  18. VWR-3321 : Turn off the microphone when ending private voice calls.


  1. VWR-12766 : Text entry box disabled on received group IM sessions.
  2. VWR-6891 : Present list of alt avatars upon login (based on original patch by Felix Duesenburg)
  3. VWR-6368 : Prevents involuntary camera movements when leaving build mode.
  4. VWR-4371 : Ambient sounds should be affected by the master volume. Work was duplicated internally.
  5. VWR-3257 : More visible land brush. Still using in my own viewers as I find the new land brush arrows hide the land contour too much for accurate terraforming.
  6. VWR-328 : Optionally hide voice indicators.

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