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About Me

  • Female - single
  • Born in 1969
  • Living in Belgium (Europe)
  • Software developer
  • Currently working as projects manager for a R&D outsourcing company
  • Speaking natively french, technical english and dutch and a few words italian
  • In SecondLife since march 2007 under various successive avatars (that's the best way for cleaning your inventory and start over again)

My interests in SecondLife

  • Mainly technically curious about what is possible on this platform.
  • Experimenting some scripting and building.
  • Admiring the work of others. Learning...
  • Watching how emotional things are driving this world.
  • And... have fun too :)

What I hate in Secondlife

  • Intolerance, egoism, indifference, stupidity
  • Exclusion in any form
  • Virtual power of pathetic little 'kings' abusing of their 'ownership' on sims
  • Aggressiveness
  • Virtual commerce and money perverting everything

What I love in SecondLife

  • Communications between people, exchanges between cultures
  • Generosity of people creating just for their or our pleasure
  • Open mind